Stereo Terror: Under A Nightmare – Streets Run Red

Release Date

Track Listing
1) The Telling Night
2) We Are The Lost Ones
3) To The Wilds
4) Let The Blood Flow
5) Live Through The Wolf
6) Tombstone
7) Origin
8) Rawhead Rex
9) The Killing
10) Cobwebs
11) Lurk Like Death
12) 31
13) Run, Die, Bleed, Live
14) Leaving Demonville
15) Sail Into Darkness
16) Drive-In Of The Dead
17) Steps To Destruction
18) Welcome To Scumlab
19) Red Meat

Under A Nightmare have been around the horrorpunk scene for over a decade now, having originally come together in October of 2002. They are a band that I have heard talked about a lot over the years, but for one reason or another I never really got a chance to go ahead and check the band out. But with the recent release of their newest album, Streets Run Red, there is no better time to finally give the band a shot. And if you have checked out The Deadhouse Presents Cuts From The Slab you will recognize the track “Live Through The Wolf” as the band graciously agreed to submit a track.

“The Telling Night” kicks things off and works as a great introduction track, for both the album and for fans that are just discovering the band for the first time. I’ve long said through my reviews that an intro track is incredibly important to an album, and “The Telling Night” fits that mold. By the time you have gotten about halfway through the second track “We Are The Lost Ones” you will know if Under A Nightmare has a style you either dig or don’t. The vocals from guitarist and front man Keenan Murphy are certainly an acquired taste, and I can very easily see it falling into the ‘love it or hate it’ camp. To be honest, on my first few listens of the album, I wasn’t truly a fan. But much like with my previous reviews of Robby Bloodshed I found the more I listened the more it really grew on me.

The album follows a pretty simple outline throughout the first half, with highlights being the aforementioned “We Are The Lost Ones” and “Live Through The Wolf.” While most horrorpunk albums are usually condensed down to between ten and twelve tracks, Under A Nightmare have produced a mind-boggingly long album, hitting 19 tracks over its 47-minute run time. Throughout the latter half of the album some of the tracks do blend together as the band sticks to their guns in regards to their musical style of horrorpunk mixed with a bit of psychobilly. Some tracks do stand out amongst the mix for their ability to break away from the formula, even if only momentarily, such as “Origin” and “Run, Die, Bleed, Live” which helps prevent the album from coming across as one large song blended together. Arguably the most adventurous track from the band is the closer, “Red Meat.” For a moment I thought I had accidentally switched over and started listening to classic T.S.O.L. and I mean this as a compliment. It’s a good track to close the album, helping give a glimpse of what may be to come further down the line.

Streets Run Red presents the listener with 19 tracks of horrorpunk put together by a band that knows what they are doing. The album isn’t going to change the genre by any means, but is absolutely worth checking out. Again, with 19 tracks on display, you are absolutely bound to find something you like on the album.

You can grab your copy of Streets Run Red on a number of digital platforms, or just click here to head to the Under A Nightmare BandCamp page to grab your copy for $7.99 (USD). And of course, be sure to give the band a Like on the Under A Nightmare Facebook page to stay up to date with the band!

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