Stereo Terror: Black Cat Attack – Edraculation

Release Year

Track Listing
1) Nobel Peace Fries
2) Never 2 Dead 2 Shred
3) One Night On Vampire Beach
4) You’re One Ugly Motherfucker
5) Edraculation
6) At Midnight We Kill B.C.A.
7) Cat Out Of Hell
8) Guys! Don’t Record The Next Record

I think it is safe to say that no one would argue the fact that 2016 has been an absolute shit show of a year for the most part. The sooner that 2017 hits and we can put this past year in the rear view mirror the better. But before the year itself rides off into the sunset, everyone’s favorite Canadian horrorpunks, Black Cat Attack, have released their highly anticipated EP, Edraculation, in an effort to cap off the year on a positive note.

Longtime listeners will recall that, apart from their debut EP Lonely Horror Stories, the band always builds a story/theme to bookend the albums with, and Edraculation is no different. The album begins with a skit following up on the exploits of 2014’s Bright Side Of The Moon, with the band celebrating the fact that they were awarded with “Nobel Peace Fries” for saving the world. Unfortunately for the band, they are interrupted by a vampire who has heard the new album and is planning to use it to blow up the sun so that vampires can rule the world. Insane? Yes. Hilarious? Absolutely!

The first real song on the album is “Never 2 Dead 2 Shred” which is a blistering track that puts great focus on the vocal back and forth of guitarist Val Knox and bassist Bryan Dickface. When the band first arrived on the scene the majority of vocals were handled by Knox, but they slowly brought Dickface into the mix, where they now have almost a 50/50 split between the two, and it certainly helps separate the band from many of the other bands in the genre that feature female vocals. In fact, I’m hard pressed to think of any other bands that have the back and forth that BCA presents.

Another aspect that comes forth on Edraculation is the melodies of the backing vocals. The band has always done well in this regard, but it seems to become more predominant on this album. The sequencing on the album is also incredibly well put together. All the tracks seem to bleed into one another, complimenting each track. Of course, it doesn’t hurt that there isn’t a bad track to be found on the album. “One Night On Vampire Beach” and the title track really stand out as songs that you could use to introduce non-listeners to if you wanted to convert them into BCA fans.

On an album full of hilarious sketches and great punk rock songs with a twisted edge, how does one pick out the stand-out track? Well, when a band presents the listener with what I would happily argue as the best song ever written about the Arnold Schwarzenegger starring sci-fi/horror 1987 classic Predator, it becomes a little easier. Everything about the awesomely titled “You’re One Ugly Motherfucker” is pure bliss for the ear. The way the band tells the story of the film through the lyrics, the in-your-face aspect of the track….I’m not even sure I can properly explain it. Having had the album for a little while now, I can assure you that this is track that has gotten thrown on repeat the most. That’s not a knock on the other songs either, just a testament to how absolutely great the song is.

The album closes with another skit from the band, which introduces the band’s new third guitar player, Maniac Myk, and also delivers a warning to the band from the future year of….2017! And how does the band receive this warning? With the delivery of a pizza that Ari has been waiting for since the beginning of the album. It all ties together, and leaves you hoping that the wait for the band’s next album is nowhere near as long as the wait was between Bright Side Of The Moon and Edraculation. But if it results in another EP as good as this one is, then the wait will certainly be worth it.

Edraculation is available as of today, and you can head over to the Black Cat Attack BandCamp page to pick up your digital copy. And be sure to head over to the BCA Facebook page and give them a Like to stay up to date on the band!

Killer Track
“You’re One Ugly Motherfucker”

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