Stereo Terror: Dr. Hell – Apocalypse Boobs

Release Year

Track Listing
1) Intro
2) Dead Girl
3) Hate
4) Zombie Zoundz
5) Shrunken Heads
6) Wasted Horror Punkrock Princess
7) Zombies In Town

Longtime readers of the site may remember a few years back when I had the pleasure of reviewing the debut album of a self-proclaimed “bloody punk rock” band based out of Germany. Of course, I am referring to Drunken Zombies by Dr. Hell. You can head back in time by clicking here to check out the review from 2014. And now, as 2016 ends the band has returned with their follow-up, the superbly titled Apocalypse Boobs.

Following a slow intro, which may feature the best and funniest description of rising from the grave ever (Hint: it may have something to do with the album name) things get kicked into high gear with “Dead Girl”. It’s likely safe to say that any horrorpunk band worth their weight in blood and guts must have a song about necrophilia, and this is undoubtedly one of the better ones I’ve heard lately. The song is infectious and catchy as hell.

The band moves into a little heavier territory with “Hate” before throwing a fast and raucous track at the listener with “Zombie Zoundz”. If you can get through the song without singing along or at least tapping your foot, you’re a better person than me.

“Shrunken Heads” follows the same pattern for the most part, and features the best guitar work on the album by far. Next comes a song that I can easily envision becoming a staple of the bands live show. If you wanted to play one song to introduce someone to Dr. Hell, “Wasted Horror Punkrock Princess” would be the way to go. The album closes with “Zombies In Town” which is a fun way to end the album, and another song that I see being a live favorite.

The worst part of Apocalypse Boobs? I wish it was longer. Not including the intro, the album consists of six songs, with only the last track breaking the 3-minute mark. While as a whole every track has something going for it, and the album is well put together and catchy, it sadly goes by too quickly. That said, when every song works like they do on here, it’s a minor gripe. And it absolutely leaves the listener wanting more, so hopefully the wait for the next album won’t be as long as the delay between Drunken Zombies and Apocalypse Boobs.

You can grab your copy of Apocalypse Boobs at the Dr. Hell BandCamp page, in addition to being available on all major music streaming services and digital stores! And make sure you give the band a Like on the Dr. Hell Facebook page to stay up to date with the band!

Killer Track
“Wasted Horror Punkrock Princess”

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