Stereo Terror: Horror Of ‘59 – Necroaggression

Release Year

Track Listing
1) The Turning
2) 13 Skulls
3) 6 More Graves Until The Night
4) Bite Yer Neck
5) Nuke ‘Em High
6) Is Zelda Dead?
7) 59 Tears
8) Werewolves Of The Graveyard
9) Make Me Vomit
10) Keep My Grave Open

From the dark streets of Cleveland comes Horror Of ’59 with their newest album Necroaggression. With a sound strongly reminiscent of Danzig-era Misfits, HO59 fly through 10 tracks, with only two of these breaking the three minute mark. In other words, if you’re ready for some throwback styled horrorpunk, Horror Of ’59 has you covered.

The band, consisting of vocalist Pete Wolffuck, guitarist Mbalmer, drummer Deke Creepz and bassist Tommy Creep waste no time getting things started with “The Turning” which begins with a quick sample from one of my personal all-time favorite movies, Bride Of Frankenstein. Using a sample from one of the most beloved horror films of all-time is absolutely a good way to get listeners on your side almost immediately. Thankfully the track beyond the quick quote is solid. Throughout the first half of the album, the band runs the risk of potentially being labelled a straight-up Misfits clone, but injects the songs with just enough of their own thing to prevent that. Both “13 Skulls” and “6 More Graves Until The Night” benefit from a rapid-fire pace, with the latter even including some solid guitar work to help differentiate it from its spiritual sibling that came before it. Something that stands out about the track is how, despite its length of just over two minutes it feels like it runs a lot longer. Whether that is a good thing or not will depend on your personal listening preferences.

“Bite Yer Neck” keeps things moving along briskly, and is arguably the catchiest track on the first half of the album. If it doesn’t become a live staple, I’d be shocked. A tribute to the Troma classic “Nuke ‘Em High” follows. The latter half of the album sticks to the same and style, never really venturing off the set path. Of course, this is not necessarily a bad thing, as I can assure you that I’ve enjoyed listening to the full album over the past few weeks. While there isn’t a bad song to be found here, songs like “Werewolves Of The Graveyard” and “Make Me Vomit” serve to wrap up the album on a strong note, before the very doom-like closing track “Keep My Grave Open.”

In the end, the album flows well and if you dig the aforementioned style, then Necroaggression is absolutely an album you should seek out. And even if you aren’t necessarily this album could help change your mind. Take 21 minutes out of your day and let Horror Of ’59 blast through the speakers, and there is a high probability that once those 21 minutes are up, you’re gonna throw the whole damn album on repeat!

You can get a digital copy of Necroaggression at the Horror Of ’59 Bandcamp page on the Name Your Price option, so you have absolutely no reason not to grab a copy. You can also get some of the band’s other releases there as well. And of course, be sure to give the band a Like on the Horror Of ’59 Facebook page as well!

Killer Track
“6 More Graves Until The Night”

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