Stereo Terror: Deadite – The Damned

Release Year

Track Listing
1) Intro
2) The Shadows
3) Age Of Violence
4) The Damned
5) Collector
6) Show Me Some Love
7) Pussywhipped
8) Empty Heart
9) Damnation
10) The Taker
11) MOC
12) Roadkill
13) SSDD
14) Cursed

Emerging from the small town of Hamme in Belgium comes the newest addition to the Undead Artist roster, the simply named Deadite. And with their debut album, The Damned, the four-piece band consisting of Scarecrow, Wolfben, EvilOnly and Von Nekromance, are prepared to make an impact and a name for themselves in the scene. Of course, this is the plan of many bands, so how does The Damned stack up as the band’s emergence into the scene?

Following the standard horrorpunk “Intro” track, “The Shadows” is the first taste for new listeners to the Belgian horrorpunks. The song itself is solid, introducing the more straight-ahead punk sound and vocals with a slight hardcore edge to them. But it is with “Age Of Violence” where the band really first makes a statement. The first few times I listened to the album I found myself continually going back to the track. It isn’t often that you see the more societal activism in horrorpunk but this song has a bit of that feel, whether intentional or not.

The band slows things down a bit with “The Damned” showing that they aren’t just a one-style show. The middle part of the album doesn’t quite pop like the first portion, but certain tracks still stand out. “Show Me Some Love” is fun, and “Pussywhipped” is fantastic if you’re okay with a really catchy song with X-rated lyrics. Other highlights on the back end of the album include “Damnation” and the absolutely awesome “The Taker.”

As the album comes to a close the band unleashes a torrent of heavier tracks that starts with the aforementioned “The Taker” through “MOC,” “Roadkill” and “SSDD.” These tracks all flow together giving the end of the album a great lead into the closing track “Cursed.” It’s really all a great cap to a fantastic album.

I review a lot of albums for this site and other publications, and I feel safe saying that The Damned is one of the best debut albums I’ve heard in a long time. Deadite are absolutely going to be a band to watch, and I hope that they don’t go the way of many horrorpunk bands who fizzle out after an album or two, because this band has a ton of potential and if they stick with the heavier end of the spectrum they could absolutely become a huge force in the scene.

You can head over to the Undead Artists Bandcamp page and get your copy of The Damned
right here and be sure to head over and give a Like on the Deadite Facebook page to stay up to date with the band.

Killer Track
“The Taker”

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