Stereo Terror: The Spooky – We Have Risen

Release Year

Track Listing
1) Wolfsbane Bloom
2) The Angry Red Planet
3) I Bury The Living
4) Invasion A.D.
5) Gore, Gore Creepshow
6) Suicide On The 405
7) Till Death Do Us Part (Black Orchid)
8) War Of The Worlds
9) Boggy Creek
10) Evil Dead
11) We Have Risen
12) Pain
13) Drawn To The Fire
14) Monster Hate You
15) Shapeshifter

Sometimes in music bands will completely slip under the radar, regardless of musical genre. In more niche markets like horrorpunk it seems that this effect is amplified, as I have come across so many bands that I believe are new only to discover that they have already broken up, or been around a long time yet I’ve never heard of them. The Spooky fits the bill of the latter, as they apparently first came together in 1995, but it is their most recent 2017 outing, We Have Risen, that has caught my attention. And let it be stated that based on this album, I’m kicking myself in the ass for not knowing about these guys sooner!

“Wolfsbane Bloom” kicks the album off, and it’s a phenomenal choice for an opening track. Allowing the current lineup of guitarist/vocalist Mike Monster, second guitarist Legion, drummer Stain, and bassist Woods (I’d be remiss that the current lineup also includes Horror Show/Blood Countess Christine Eyes) to all shine the song is both heavy and catchy at the same time. Pay attention, as that will become a recurring theme through the album, as the early tracks all have a similar feel while also being different due to each song having a different lyrical focus. “The Angry Red Planet” and “I Bury The Living” sync up well with the opener.

“Gore, Gore Creepshow” changes up the flow leading into “Suicide On The 405” which serves as one of, if not the catchiest cut on the album. The momentum continues through many of the tracks like “Till Death Do Us Part (Black Orchid)” with another standout track being the band’s tribute to one of the greatest movies ever made, “Evil Dead.”

The title track follows kicking off the final portion of the album with the same ferocity found on many of the tracks. It’s on this final third of the album where two of the strongest tracks are found. “Drawn To The Fire” and its immediate follow-up “Monster Hate You” are some of the best songs I think I’ve heard this year, regardless of genre.

The energy found throughout We Have Risen is almost mind boggling. I listen to a lot of music (it’s incredibly rare to find me without headphones on my head listening to something) and I can’t think of any other recent album that I’ve heard that has a palpable sense of energy that never lets up from start to finish. We Have Risen is not a perfect album, but it is one that you absolutely need to hear and feel.

You can grab your copy of We Have Risen from the Nothing But A Nightmare BandCamp page and make sure to head over to the The Spooky Official Facebook page and give them a Like!

Killer Track
“Suicide On The 405”

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