Stereo Terror: Dean – Life Lessons (Second Take)


Release Year

Track Listing
1. Punknights Finale
2. Everything Fades
3. Dust To Dust
4. Enjoy The Ride
5. Blast From The Past
6. Gone With The Wind
7. Lean In, Lean Toward, Lean With
8. Lover (10 years Ago)
9. My Everything
10. Nanu Nanu (We Miss You)
11. Bleeding Her For More
12. Perennial Rust
13. Miner
This is one of the few album reviews I’ve written where I’ve gone in completely blind. This LP was passed into my possession by Dean himself via a file-sharing zip folder, just to clarify exactly how blind we’re talking here. Nevertheless, I referred to Mister Gore’s review of this from last year – before the songs were fully mixed – to get the track list in order and gave it a listen.

If you’re looking for upfront horror punk – aside from a couple tracks like “Bleeding Her For More” and “Miner” – this one might leave you scratching your head. While there are horror punk elements in the instrumentation, it’s mixed in there with several other adjacent genres. The majority of the album comes across as a melting pot of punk, rock, oldschool thrash, and Graves-era Misfits (and I say the latter because of the genre-mixing and the doubled-over vocals). And to add even more into the mix, I get some Floyd and Beatles vibes during certain moments of the album, mainly because of Dean’s reverberated voice and singing style.

With the exception of a couple acoustic breaks here and there, this LP could almost be considered one big song. Most of the tracks don’t have any kind of intros, but instead jump straight into a verse or chorus. While I’m not personally keen on his voice, I must commend Mr. Dean on the exceptional quality of this album as a whole. The vocals are well-recorded, the guitar-playing and tone are fantastic, and the mixing sounds as solid as most rock music you’ll hear these days. It’s made pretty clear from the very beginning that he took his time carefully writing these songs and put them together as close to perfection as possible in the studio. And for that, I salute him.

Music should always be about stepping over lines and breaking barriers, and I feel this album is a testament to that notion. There’s so much genre-crossing here that it creates a new experience for even the most seasoned music listener. Anyone that’s a fan of punk, rock, or metal of any kind shouldn’t have a problem finding something they like about this LP.

I believe the album itself is still being finalized, as I can’t seem to find it online, but if you wanna check this one out for yourself when it drops, go give Mr. Dean’s Facebook page a like to stay up-to-date with his projects.

Until next time, children of the night

~ Rob Dead

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