Stereo Terror: Wednesday 13 – Condolences


Release Year

Track Listing
1) Last Rites
2) What The Night Brings
3) Cadaverous
4) Blood Sick
5) Good Riddance
6) You Breathe, I Kill
7) Omen Amen
8) Cruel To You
9) Eulogy XIII
10) Prey For Me
11) Lonesome Road To Hell
12) Condolences
13) Death Infinity

For many fans, myself included, Wednesday 13 will hold a special place in their horrorpunk loving hearts. Whether it be his work with Frankenstein Drag Queens From Planet 13, Murderdolls or his solo work, Wednesday, much like The Misfits, has acted as a gateway band from the more popular forms of rock, metal and punk to the depraved and beautiful world of horrorpunk. On a personal note, Wednesday 13 is what led me to discover Blitzkid, which brought me to the dance so to speak.

Since the 2015 release of The Dixie Dead Wednesday 13 has been moving into a heavier direction, a point he has hammered home by signing with Nuclear Blast Records prior to the release of Condolences. As has been the case with many Wednesday 13 albums, the record begins with a short intro track before moving into the first single, “What The Night Brings.” It’s a song that shows off the heavier aspect that dominates much of the album while retaining that sound that has become Wednesday’s trademark. “Cadaverous” continues along the same path with the heavier aspects before bringing a little more melody in “Blood Sick.”

“Good Riddance” is the first true highlight of the album, undoubtedly the first track I heard where I continually played the track over and over. While the previous tracks are great in their own right, “Good Riddance” is that track that seems to blend both the newer heavier side with the old catchy as hell Wednesday sound. “You Breath, I Kill” returns to the heavier sound as does “Omen Amen.” It becomes clear by this point that the current backing band headed by guitarist Roman Surman have been able to take the sound into that heavier realm. In addition to Surman on lead guitar, the band also features Jack Tankersley on rhythm guitar, Troy Doebbler on bass and Kyle Castronovo on drums. The album was written by Wednesday, Surman and Castronovo, and in an interesting twist the song “Cruel To You” features Castronovo’s father Deen on drums, who has played with everyone from Journey to Ozzy Osbourne. It is within this middle portion of the album where it feels like Wednesday has fully settled into his new groove and style.

The last third of Condolences somehow manages to not only match everything that has come before it, but quite possibly even surpass it. “Lonesome Road To Hell” is one of the catchiest songs in the immense back catalogue of Wednesday 13. The title track itself is another attempt at something different, which works well, and at just shy of seven minutes, could potentially be the longest song in his ever growing repertoire.

Condolences appears to be a critical move in the career of Wednesday 13, forging a path into more of a horror-metal style and shedding away from his DIY past. With a record label (especially one as prominent as Nuclear Blast) behind him, this could be that pivotal moment where Wednesday breaks through to a whole new audience. And Condolences simply is that good that it would be entirely deserved.

You can get your copy of Condolences now through all digital music services and get a physical copy from Nuclear Blast here. Be sure to check out the Official Wednesday 13 site as well as on Facebook and Twitter to stay up to date on all the news and upcoming tour dates.

Killer Track
“Lonesome Road To Hell”

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