Stereo Terror: Bat Signal – Straight Out Of Midnight

Release Year

Track Listing
1) Silent Days
2) Hatchet
3) Somebody Stop Me
4) I Can Feel The Heat
5) Stray Dogs
6) Horse Dick
7) Back To My Home
8) Dangernights
9) Don’t Drink And Drive (Ozzy)
10) Sarah Conor
11) Full Moon

A beautiful thing about music is how universal of a language it is. And this is no different for horrorpunk. As I was doing my usual perusal of the web looking for new bands to check out, I recently stumbled across Straight Out Of Midnight, the debut full-length from Greece’s Bat Signal. After listening to the opening track “Silent Days” I was hooked and decided to give the rest of the album a shot and see how it holds up in today’s horrorpunk scene.

As I mentioned, “Silent Days” works as a great introduction to the band and their take on horrorpunk, which they have dubbed ‘midnight punk.’ The three-piece band, comprised of guitarist/vocalist Michael Guratza, bassist Johnny Blitz and drummer Fotis keep things moving at a fast pace with “Hatchet” and into “Somebody Stop Me.” While the opening trilogy of tracks all have a similar sound, it is with “I Can Feel The Heat” that the sound starts to expand a bit and the band really seems to find their footing.

After sacrificing a bit of the speed for melody on “I Can Feel The Heat” the band switches back to straightaway fast punk on “Stray Dogs” before getting mean on “Horse Dick.” Pay attention to the lyrics and you’ll realize that this song wouldn’t be too out of place on a political punk record, and it certainly doesn’t hurt that the song absolutely rips.

The trio move back into more familiar horror territory with “Back To My Home” starting with an almost western feel. Guratza’s vocals really get to shine on this one, bouncing between a harsher tone with more rhythm for the chorus. This segues into arguably the most melodic song on the album, “Dangernights.” I’d be willing to bet good money that after hearing this one, you will be singing the chorus to yourself repeatedly.

Following a bit of a misfire with “Don’t Drink And Drive (Ozzy)” the group throws out a love letter to yesteryear with “Sarah Connor” before finishing strong with the more horror-based and melodic closing track “Full Moon.”

Despite the weaker final third of the album, Straight Out Of Midnight is definitely worth a look, and Bat Signal are going to be a band to keep an eye on going forward. I don’t see a lot of (if any) horrorpunk coming out of Greece, I am personally intrigued to see what Bat Signal throws together in the future.

Straight Out Of Midnight was released online originally in October 2016, with the official and vinyl release following in April 2017. Head over to the Bat Signal Bandcamp page to grab a digital copy with the “Name Your Price” option, or one of the handnumbered 300 vinyl copies for 14EUR. And be sure to give the band a Like on the Official Bat Signal Facebook page to stay up to date with the band!

Killer Track
“Silent Days”

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