Stereo Terror: Damnation – After Midnight

Release Year

Track Listing
1) Not The One Who Chose
2) No More
3) The Rush
4) The Vanishing
5) All I Need Is Me
6) Heads In The Freezer
7) Indescribable Experience
8) Thirsting For Blood
9) Death Bed
10) After Midnight

Having formed in the summer of 2013, with a few minor releases following in 2015, Massachusetts trio Damnation released their first full-length album earlier this year. At the time of its release I had heard the album, and was drawn to it, but for one reason or another I never fully dove into what the band was offering with After Midnight. This was a huge mistake on my part, as I was urged to revisit the album and I am 100% kicking myself in the ass. After Midnight contains 10 tracks of fun, melodic and just plain awesome punk music with a great horror edge.

Right from the opening track, “Not The One Who Chose” the trifecta of guitarist/vocalist Isaac Aldrich, drummer Benny Austin and bassist Brad Touchette make a statement with their take on the genre. While the album doesn’t fully dive into the horror side of things until the latter half, everything works on a level that grabs you and keeps you listening. There has not been a single time that I have started this album with the opener and not been able to keep going, even ignoring calls on my phone to keep listening through “No More” and especially “The Rush.”

With “The Vanishing” the album grows darker and seemingly kicks things into another gear. The tale of being buried alive really hits on every level that it needs to, standing out as a highlight on an album full of outstanding tracks. Just when you think the band has hit the high point they break out “All I Need Is Me.” An absolutely wonderful song, which, on a personal note really resonated with me. Earlier this year I went through a very traumatic experience which all fell on myself, and the first time I heard this song it nearly brought me to tears. This song could very well help another soul out there who may be struggling, and I honestly cannot recommend hearing it at least once to anyone reading this.

Moving back into darker territory “Heads In The Freezer” is a little slower but showcases a solid groove to it. Going through the rest of the album the band really stays with the horror aspect of their sound, with highlights being “Thirsting For Blood” and the closing track “After Midnight.”

Damnation have made quite the impression coming in and are undoubtedly going to be a band to watch going forward. Be sure to grab your copy of After Midnight from any of the major digital music sites, and at the band’s Official Website and stay up to date with the band on the Official Damnation Facebook page!

Killer Track
“All I Need Is Me”

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