Stereo Terror: Energy – Under The Mask

Release Year

Track Listing
1) The Witching Hour
2) Under The Mask
3) The Shape Retreats
4) A Prayer For Rain
5) I Killed Your Boyfriend
6) Leave Me Alone

Despite my best efforts, there are some acts in the scene that I have heard of at one point or another, but never really gotten around to checking them out. Energy is one of those bands. Given that they have been active since 2006 it’s clear that I have heard the name tossed about, but it was only recently on one of my Bandcamp expeditions that I gave them a listen. After downloading 2008’s Invasions Of The Mind and 2016’s Apparition Sound I was presented with the opportunity to check out the band’s latest release, Under The Mask, which was just released on July 21st, 2017.

While Under The Mask only contains six songs, each song hits the right marks while never really repeating itself. Opening track “The Witching Hour” really sets the tone for what is to follow. The title track comes at a slower pace but is anchored by a great hook. Following a short instrumental in “The Shape Retreats” the EP really hits its stride.

The one-two wallop of “A Prayer Of Rain” and “I Killed Your Boyfriend” make Under The Mask into one of the must-hear releases of 2017. Frontman Jason ‘Tank’ Tankerley really shines on “A Prayer For Rain” and the song absolutely invokes comparisons to early AFI with their own branding on top. “I Killed Your Boyfriend” is both hilarious and awesome in equal parts, and for me personally, works as a companion piece to one of my favorite songs ever “I Killed My Ex-Girlfriend With A Chainsaw” by the likely long-forgotten band Bad Ash. If there is one song I can recommend on this album to try out if you’re on the fence about Energy, this is absolutely the one.

The album closes with “Leave Me Alone” which is a good choice to close the album, and to follow up on the fun tracks preceding it.

If you’ve never listened to Energy, then Under The Mask is a great starting point. I have little doubt that anyone who” checks out these six songs will head into the band’s back catalogue and give them a listen. You can grab your copy of Under The Mask at the Official Energy BandCamp page  digitally for $4, or get a physical copy for $5, which includes the digital album as well. You’d be foolish not to get yourself a copy, and to check out the vast array of other albums that the band has available. And of course, be sure to head over to the Official Energy Facebook page to stay up to date with the band and check out their upcoming tour dates!

Killer Track
“I Killed Your Boyfriend”

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