Stereo Terror: The Prople – Revenge

Release Date

Track Listing
1) Grim Grinning Ghosts
2) No Trespassing
3) Don’t Breathe
4) Monorail
5) Operation
6) Uncle Bob
7) Prey
8) Woman In Red
9) The Force Awakens
10) Daddy Built A Death Star
11) Mannerisms
12) Broly Is An Overrated Pussy
13) Revenge
14) Dirty Laundry
15) The Prople (feat. Zac Atom Carrington)

Following up on our recent Splatter Panels review of Revenge, it’s time to take a look at the musical accompaniment, and the true main course of the horrorpunk meal. The Prople‘s Revenge features 15 tracks from the Florida trio, consisting of guitarist and vocalist Markky Karloff (who also wrote and illustrated the comic), bassist and vocalist Kari Frankenstein (who assisted in the coloring of the comic) and drummer/vocalist Nelses Month. So after reading the appropriately batshit insane comic, how does the album stack up?

Revenge kicks off with “Grim Grinning Ghosts,” a driving track with harsh vocals that immediately gives the listener an idea of what to expect going forward. The harsher almost deep vocals may set some listeners off, but those same listeners will be thrown a curveball with the more accessible shouting vocals which are showcased on “No Trespassing” and “Don’t Breathe.” The almost entirely instrumental “Monorail” serves as an interlude leading into the fast and vicious “Operation.”

The band pays tribute to the always great T-800 from the Terminator series with “Uncle Bob” even including a bit of the iconic movie theme to begin the song. The song also features some of the more melodic side of The Prople within the backing vocals. The band keeps up the full-frontal audio assault, with a later part of the album showing some love for the Star Wars series with “The Force Awakens” and “Daddy Built A Death Star.” Many of the tracks feel almost as a lead up to the final portion of the album, where we get both the title track and a track about the band themselves.

While Revenge features 15 tracks, only one track actually makes it past the two-minute mark, that being the title track. Revenge feels a lot like an old-school angry punk album, with a horror and sometimes simple fun twist. Not every track hits the mark, but they don’t have to as the great heavily outweighs the weaker parts. Having the aforementioned comic telling a story in addition to the album will leave fans wanting more, and that is something every album should aim for in some way. There’s fun tracks, angry tracks, melodic and heavy. The album is all over the place in a good way. I look forward to any follow-ups the band has in store for us, as well as the completion of the planned trilogy of comics.

Revenge is available now from both The Prople Official Website as well as The Prople Bandcamp page. And of course be sure to give the band a Like on The Prople’s Official Facebook page!

Killer Track
“Uncle Bob”

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