Stereo Terror: Wolfman Chuck And The Spookalele Of Doom Meets Swearwolf

Release Year

Track Listing
1) Swearwolf – Chewbacca Mom
2) Wolfman Chuck – Necromantic
3) Swearwolf – Lycanthrope
4) Wolfman Chuck – Mistress Death
5) Swearwolf – Swearwolf Theme
6) Wolfman Chuck – The Law And The Oak
7) Swearwolf – Undone
8) Wolfman Chuck – Happy Place

The undisputed king of ukulele horrorpunk, Wolfman Chuck, has been featured here on The Deadhouse many times in the past. Just check out this link to see all the man’s coverage here. The man just never seems to stop and is always involved in the scene in some capacity. A recent up and comer in the same vein as Chuck has emerged from the Florida area, Swearwolf. So it only seemed appropriate that the two would cross paths, and that has led to this eight track split, featuring four tracks from each artist alternating throughout the track list. So how did the two ukulele bad boys do putting together their efforts?

The album begins with Swearwolf and his serenade to the viral phenomenon that was “Chewbacca Mom.” For what it is, it’s a enjoyable way to kick off the album and introducing Swearwolf to the masses that may not be familiar with him. The first Wolfman Chuck track, “Necromantic” is classic Chuck crooning about some good ol’ necrophilia. Moving back over to the Swearwolf side of things we are treated to the man’s tale of his lycanthropy (something I can surely relate to if you’ve ever seen the art for my avatar done by the awesome Dom Calzola of The Bastards), appropriately titled “Lycanthrope.” Swearwolf has a harsher style and tone due to his voice as compared to Chuck, but with the back and forth style of this album, it helps and works.

The album continues this alternating feeling throughout, with the absolute highlight coming a little later from Chuck. “The Law And The Oak” is not only the best track on this album, it may also be the best track ever presented by Wolfman Chuck. It’s just that damned good, and is undoubtedly the song I replayed more than any other on here. As for the highlight from Swearwolf, it comes in the form of essentially his true introduction, “Swearwolf Theme.” I question why this was not the lead off track as I’m sure many peoples first taste of Swearwolf is going to come with this album due to the larger following from Wolfman Chuck, and while “Chewbacca Mom” was a good first song, the “Swearwolf Theme” would have worked better overall in my opinion.

Overall, the split is an enjoyable way to take in some ukulele horror music, and many are sure to find something to enjoy. While Swearwolf is more at the beginning of his career and should enjoy a larger fanbase from this split, Wolfman Chuck steals the spotlight with the aforementioned “The Law And The Oak” and his continued growth as a songwriter and performer. Not to take anything away from Swearwolf, this is just based on where both artists are in their careers. I still recommend giving the split a listen, just sit back and enjoy the fun from both artists!

Wolfman Chuck And The Spookalele Of Doom Meets Swearwolf is available with two different artworks based on which artist you grab the album from, and you can get the bloody variant online for $5 at the Ukulele Horror BigCartel Store. The other variant is available through Swearwolf exclusively and at his shows. Be sure to like the Swearwolf Facebook Page, as well as the Wolfman Chuck Facebook Page to stay up to date with both artists and any future mayhem they have planned!

Killer Track
Wolfman Chuck
– “The Law And The Oak”

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