Stereo Terror: Siblings Of Samhain – Dark, Dead And Deranged EP

Release Year

Track Listing
1) Intro
2) Hyde
3) Vampires Everywhere
4) Winsome Witch

Recently I had the opportunity to conduct a Deadhouse Interview with the new UK acoustic horrorpunk act Siblings Of Samhain, which you can check out here. And now, due to being way ahead of schedule with their recording, the band has unleashed their debut EP over a month early for everyone to get their hands on. The question is, with so many acoustic acts flooding the scene, do Siblings Of Samhain have something on their hands that is worth listeners seeking out?

As most albums do, Dark, Dead And Deranged begins with a musical intro, chock full of your typical intro sounds for a horrorpunk album. It is with “Hyde” that the EP truly begins, giving us our first real taste of what vocalist and guitarist Danny Demented and bassist Savage Monster have to offer. “Hyde” is lyrically exactly what you expect given the title, but the soothing tones of Demented‘s vocals are really what helps the track stand out. That’s not to say that the music itself isn’t great, as it is, but I’ve found for the most part there is only so much you can offer from the acoustic side unless it is a rendition of a non-acoustic song.

“Vampires Everywhere” continues along the same path, but doesn’t hit the same highs as the previous track. I can’t decide if it is simply that “Hyde” is too strong of a track or if “Vampires Everywhere” is a weak track, but it does fit into the small album just fine.

Our small journey with Dark, Dead And Deranged comes to an end with “Winsome Witch,” a track that finishes strongly. While not quite reaching the heights of “Hyde” it does leave the previous track in the dust and finishes the album strong.

If you do not include the musical intro track, Dark, Dead And Deranged offers three acoustic tracks with enough variety to keep any listener interested. There is no doubt that “Hyde” is the absolute highlight of the batch, but the album as a whole indicates a strong amount of potential for the future of Siblings Of Samhain. They are certainly going to be a group to keep an eye out for, offering a new take on the acoustic horrorpunk genre from across the pond.

Be sure to give Siblings Of Samhain a Like on their Facebook page and head over to the Siblings Of Samhain Bandcamp page to grab your copy of Dark, Dead And Deranged digitally on the Name Your Price option or get a physical copy for 5GBP!

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