Mass HyStereo Chapter One

Greetings fiends and ghouls, and welcome to the first edition of The Deadhouse‘s newest feature, Mass HyStereo! Think of these features as more of a rapid-fire review section, where I will quickly feature and cover anywhere from two to five albums all in one go. So without further ado, let’s get to it!

Release Year

Blasting out of Alabama (not exactly a hotbed for horrorpunk) come The Go-Go Killers with Hallucinogenitalia. An album that in a way spits in the face of any expectations you may have, Hallucinogenitalia is both one of the weirdest and most original albums I have heard in years. Mixing everything from the expected horrorpunk and psychobilly, the band’s self-proclaimed “wreck n roll” gives us an album that is all over the place in the best ways. Songs like “Haunted By Ghosts And Taunted By Demons,” “Do You Dig My Shit,” and “You Look Like You Need To Screw Pt. 2” are all crazy yet catchy. Be sure to grab a copy of Hallucinogenitalia as well as their other records at this link and make sure you catch the incredible “Son Of Black Betty” once it is in your possession!


Release Year

Hailing from Cuneo, Italy, 5 Star Grave are a 6-piece group blending a litany of styles together to create a unique sound different from many of their contemporaries. A mix of horrorpunk, metal, industrial and even a little bit of pop, the group have a sound very similar to The Order Of The Fly from a few years back. With The Red Room the band has really come into their own, shedding any weaknesses from their previous releases. The album is chock full of bangers from start to finish like “Through The Eyes Of The Monster” and “There Is No Heaven” but they are never better than on “Eat You Alive” which may be one of the best songs of 2017 regardless of genre. The Red Room is available through Sliptrick Records at

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