Stereo Terror: Creepy Little Things – Forever More

Release Year

Track Listing
1) Already Gone
2) Anything But You
3) Ghost
4) The End Of Me Begins With You

The brainchild of Wisconsin-based Scotty Damned, Creepy Little Things was founded in 2016 and recently released their debut EP Forever More. Having come across the band in one of my many Bandcamp deep dives, I felt it appropriate to give the band a shot and see what they could come up with in their four-song introduction.

Mixing many goth rock influences with grunge and a little bit more than a slight Nine Inch Nails feel into an acoustic horrorpunk shell, Damned is a one-man band with a true sense of self and knowing what he is doing. Forever More begins with “Already Gone” a slow dirge of a track that serves as a welcoming and foreboding invitation to new listeners. “Anything But You” follows with a touch more of an upbeat feel, the closest the album comes to being positive with a love song.

“Ghost” drags a bit towards the beginning but finds its footing towards the end when things pick up musically and the anger starts to really shine through in the vocals and lyrics. The short album then ends with “The End Of Me Begins With You” which also happens to be the song that drew me into the band to begin with. To say it is the strongest track on the album would be an understatement. The tortured vibe from both the lyrics is what initially caught my eye, and the song does justice to the fantastic writing. I can easily see this becoming a favorite for anyone who has put it all out there for a person but found it to be never rescinded.

It’s hard to fully judge what can become of this project from only four songs, but Forever More is a good starting point for the clearly talented Scotty Damned and his Creepy Little Things. The mix of all the different styles could help allow Damned to really go in any direction he feels necessary, and I personally look forward to see what comes next from the project!

Be sure to grab your copy of Forever More at the Creepy Little Things Bandcamp page and give the band a Like on their Official Facebook page to stay updated on all the Creepy Little Things that come in the future.

Killer Track
“The End Of Me Begins With You”

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