Mass HyStereo Chapter Two


Greetings fiends and ghouls, and welcome back to another edition of Mass HyStereo where we take a look at a few different albums in more of a rapid-fire review style. So let’s get to it!

Cut Up Naked Teenagers – Lo-Fi Horrors

Release Year

With a band name like Cut Up Naked Teenagers, how could they not grab your attention? Thankfully, the trio from Wilkes Barre consisting of vocalist/guitarist Elvis Aron Deadly, bassist/backing vocalist Razor De Rockefeller and drummer/backing vocalist Bobo write, as they say in opening track “Touched By Evil”, ‘very bad music for very bad people.’ Can’t fault them for knowing their audience. Performed live by the band at The Irish Wolf Pub in Scranton, Pennsylvania, it’s an interesting way for a debut album to hit. I won’t lie, the first couple times the album came on through my headphones I didn’t pay much attention, but once you take even just a few moments to sit and listen, you will no doubt come to appreciate the band and their style. The lyrics are especially great on the album, and I look forward to seeing what the band comes up with next, and here’s hoping for a killer studio album! Grab your copy of Lo-Fi Horrors at the C.U.N.T. Bandcamp page and give the band a Like on their Facebook page.

The Morgues – Room 36

Release Year

It’s rare that I come across a band that doesn’t present much information about themselves, but that seems to be the case with The Morgues. Outside of their Bandcamp page stating that they operate out of Nashville, Tennessee, I was unable to dig much up about the band themselves. That said, all that truly matters is the music, and with their recent release Room 36, The Morgues have thrown together a pretty solid little horrorpunk album. Featuring 12 tracks with a short intro, the band touches upon many of the horrorpunk tropes such as zombies, the Evil Dead, werewolves and even Rawhead Rex! While not a gamechanger by any means, Room 36 is a fun serviceable album that isn’t a bad way to spend 13 minutes of your day on. Head to the previously mentioned Bandcamp page to grab Room 36 as well as the band’s other releases on the beloved Name Your Price option, and give the band a Like on their Facebook page.

Bundy And The Spins – Killer Rock ‘N Roll

Release Year

Given my obvious obsession with Ted Bundy (my online moniker coming from that of Blitzkid‘s song “Mister Gore” based on Bundy himself) it was only a matter of time before I came across Bundy And The Spins. The four-piece from Troy, Ohio present a garage/trash rock influence on horrorpunk and have just released their debut EP, the appropriately titled Killer Rock ‘N Roll. While the album only features three tracks, there is quite a bit of potential contained within. The musicianship from drummer Zach Robbins, bassist Steve Schommer and guitarist Vietnam Tom provide a perfect backing for vocalist Brandon Cook‘s frantic, nearly hardcore sounding vocals. While it truly is the guitar and vocals that shine on opening track “Broken Glass” and “Burn With Me”, the true highlight is the first single “Roadkill Road.” If you’re not afraid to have your horrorpunk be a little raw and dirty, then head over to the Bundy And The Spins Bandcamp page to grab a digital copy of Killer Rock ‘N Roll on the Name Your Price option, or get a physical copy for $3. And of course give the band a Like on their Facebook page.

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