Stereo Terror: The House Of Haunt – Habeas Corpses

Release Year

Track Listing
1) Opening Statements
2) Congo Cannibals
3) Murder
4) Valentine’s Day
5) Meet The Monsters
6) Undead Man Walking
7) Devil Moves Out Today
8) The Hanged Man
9) Rum From The Black Lagoon
10) Sentencing

Based out of the seventh circle of Hell (also known as Toronto, Ontario) The House Of Haunt are one of the few bands keeping the world of horror music alive in the Ontario region. For me personally, I had heard the name being rumbled around but sadly never got around to giving the band a chance until earlier this year when I was able to see the band live opening for Argyle Goolsby And The Roving Midnight in Toronto along with The Cryptkeeper Five. To say I became an immediate fan would be an understatement as I told guitarist/vocalist Fang following their performance. Given my particularity with the psychobilly side of horrorpunk, it also says something about the band and their particular style of music. That all said, I was thrilled to see the band recently release their newest album, Habeas Corpses. Given that I was sadly unable to attend their recent show here in London, I knew I absolutely had to share my thoughts on the new album!

Opening with a humorous skit, things get moving quickly with the awesome “Congo Cannibals” one of the best tracks on the album. Genius placement by the band as it will get any new listeners immediately into the album and it serves as a great lead-in for the following track “Murder.” The band, consisting of the aforementioned Fang, bassist/vocalist Spike, drummer Skull and new second guitarist Django Bloodheart move into slower territory with “Valentine’s Day” arguably the closest the band gets to a ballad on the album.

“Meet The Monsters” comes along to speed things back up. From there the album just keeps the hits coming, with “Undead Man Walking” truly standing out as one of not only the best tracks on Habeas Corpses but that the band has ever done! The last third of the album continues to fire on all cylinders through “Devil Moves Out Today” and “The Hanged Man” before the smooth and relaxing sounds of “Rum From The Black Lagoon” closes the album (musically) and stands strong with the other highlights of the album. If you are looking to introduce the band to someone who isn’t necessarily a big fan of the psychobilly sound, “Rum From The Black Lagoon” may be the track to help bring them into The House Of Haunt (pun fully intended). The album closes with “Sentencing” a skit follow-up to the “Opening Statements” at the beginning of the album to bring things full circle. While this is officially the ‘end’ of the album, the band has included live recordings of many of the songs on this album and their last album, 2014’s Monsters On The Loose, so you also get an idea of how great the band sounds live.

Overall, the band has improved in pretty much every aspect since their last album, and Habeas Corpses is an extremely strong showing from a talented band helping keep the spirit of horror alive up here in the Great White North. Between The House Of Haunt and fellow Canadians Black Cat Attack, it seems Ontario is producing some great horrorpunk and the future is bright!

Grab your copy of Habeas Corpses as well as the rest of the band’s catalogue at The House Of Haunt Bandcamp page for $10 Canadian for either the digital or physical copies! And of course, be sure to give the band a Like over on the Official House Of Haunt Facebook page to stay up to date on the band’s latest news and tour dates!

Killer Track
“Undead Man Walking”

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