Stereo Terror: Rise From Your Grave – Arise

Release Year

Track Listing
1) From The Depths
2) I Am
3) Thirteen
4) Bloody Hands
5) Legions Of The Night
6) The Hunt
7) Scream, Evil!
8) Silence
9) In The Water

2017 has been a damned good year for horrorpunk, arguably even better than the past few years which have all been pretty solid in their own right. Whether it be just more bands or the more easily accessible methods to discover them with Bancamp and social media, I am never at any shortage of bands to check out and consider for review. One of the newest bands I’ve recently come across are Rise From Your Grave out of Pittsburgh, PA. Leaning towards the heavier side of the horrorpunk spectrum, the band is anchored by the vocals, which at first glance may almost seem like a lite version of Alex Story from Cancerslug, but upon further listen are really all their own. With the release of their first album Arise, Rise From Your Grave are determined to make a name for themselves, so how does the album fare.

The opening track “From The Depths” wastes no time in getting down to business and serves as an accompaniment to the album cover, depicting tentacles of a monster rising from the depths of the ocean. It’s certainly ‘single’ material but is immediately outshone by “I Am.” The guitar riff and chorus is absolute gold, and even after my first listen of the album I kept coming back to this track. Everything about “I Am” just comes together to make a great horrorpunk track, the vocals, lyrics and musicianship from the band blend perfectly.

The band moves to the requisite horror movie tribute with “Thirteen” which is one of the better songs about our favorite hockey-masked mongoloid slasher that I’ve heard lately. As a huge Friday The 13th mark I can’t help but love it, and it is a fun track. The album maintains momentum through the middle chunk with one highlight being “The Hunt.”

Following a musical interlude, the final track on the album official is “In The Water.” Choosing to hold this one off to finish off the album was a wise choice as it is one of the strongest tracks on the album, with a viciously awesome chorus. If not for the incredible “I Am” then “In The Water” would be the best track on the album. It is definitely one to seek out and will leave fans wanting more.

You can grab your copy of Arise at the Rise From Your Grave Bandcamp, with both the digital ($9.99) and physical ($15) versions being available, with bonus tracks on top! And of course, be sure to give the band a Like on the Rise From Your Grave Facebook page!

Killer Track
“I Am”

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