DeadTube: Krampusnacht Gift From The Tomb Of Nick Cage!


Most horror fans know the folklore legend of Krampusnacht, and while I know we are a day late celebrating here at The Deadhouse I wanted to share a little gift for all of you naughty fiends and ghouls from our friends in The Tomb Of Nick Cage! Click on through and check out the debut of the new single “Krampusnacht!”

Written in 20 minutes by Taylor Suarez, recorded in 10 with the creative input of Aaron Maguire, Sean Mooney and Edward Joubert (and vocals added the following week) the TONC boys created a magical song that could only have been crafted under the spectre of Krampus himself. A truly inspired fairy-tale warning to suppress your baser instincts this yuletide lest you incur the wrath of Santa’s darker half.
Recorded, Mixed and Mastered By Lewis D’ Aubin at C.O.G. Secret Lab.

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