Stereo Terror: FUZZRIPPER – Nightstalker

Release Year

Track Listing
1) Nightstalker
2) Acidify
3) On The Run
4) Gypsy Doe
5) Strange Voices
6) DeFeo

A brand new outfit from Clarksville, Tennessee, FUZZRIPPER is a band that seems to have been in the planning stages for some time with the band coming together only shortly before releasing their debut album based around several serial killers, the appropriately named Nightstalker. As opposed to a traditional horrorpunk sound, the band leans more towards the metal side of things, with the album chock full of guitar solos and all-around great musicianship. That said, is Nightstalker worth the time of horror fiends around the world?

The opening title track is an instrumental, but sets the stage for what is to come. The musicianship as mentioned is top notch, with the band citing acts such as Diamond Head, The Sword and the immensely popular Ghost as heavy influences. The band, consisting of vocalist/guitarist Dusty Mahan, guitarist Tommy Scott, bassist Christen Mahan and drummer Jason Hartley are absolutely no slouches with their performances, and anchored by the guitar and Mahan‘s vocal style, FUZZRIPPER is unlike any of their contemporaries in the current horror music landscape. Of course, having songs about serial killers will grab the attention of people like myself with an allusion to the darker aspects of life and the world itself.

Back to the music, “Acidify” is simply put one of the catchiest songs that will grab listeners on first listen I’ve heard all year. It flows so easily and is one of those songs that you can’t help but fall in love with almost immediately. Speaking of the flow, it moves into “On The Run” so incredibly that they may almost be the same song. “Gypsy Doe” slows things down a bit and doesn’t have quite the same energy as the preceding tracks, but the group pick things back up with “Strange Voices” leading into the epic track of the album, “DeFeo” based on the mass murderer who inspired the legendary Amityville Horror. Clocking in at over seven minutes, everything with this track just clicks for the listener. Using actual Ronald DeFeo quotes in the lyrics is another great touch, and this song honestly would not be out of place on an Iron Maiden record. It’s simply that damned good. The fact that Mahan‘s vocals would fit in on any 80’s ‘New Wave of British Heavy Metal’ album only enhances the product.

With two absolute classic tracks on the album (‘Acidify’ and ‘DeFeo’) I am all in on FUZZRIPPER. I will be waiting with great anticipation for any future releases and after you hear the album you likely will too. You can pick up your copy of Nightstalker at the Official FUZZRIPPER Bandcamp page and be sure to give the band a Like on the FUZZRIPPER Facebook page to stay up to date with the band!

Killer Track

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