Stereo Terror: Suicide Ghouls – Heartland Horror

Release Year

Track Listing
1) Creepy Little Things
2) Burning Times
3) Outbreak
4) God Bless Us
5) Quiero Tu Sangre
6) Batlike
7) Annabelle Lee
9) Wolfsbane
10) Fronkenstein
11) The Pumpkin King
12) Laurie
13) Teen Witch
14) The Thing
15) I Hate Punk Rock

If the state of the world over the past two years has taught us anything, it is that we should expect anything and everything, including the unexpected. In fact, more than anything we should expect the unexpected. Taking a trip back to the infancy of The Deadhouse, one of the site’s earliest supporters and bands that allowed me an opportunity to check out their music and talk with me was The Suicide Ghouls. We took a look at their last release, Love Songs For The Recently Deceased in a Stereo Terror review and did a Deadhouse Interview with front man Tyler Toxic. Then sadly, the band seemed to fall off the map. As a legit fan of the band I was saddened but at least I could take solace in the awesome music they had already released. As so many bands in the genre happen to go, it seemed they went the way of Jerry Only‘s intergrity. Then just a few days ago I received a message from Mr. Toxic himself insisting I head on over to Spotify and look around. To my great delight, it appears that The Suicide Ghouls are back with a new album, chock full of 15 tracks of their signature take on the genre.

Right from the get-go with “Creepy Little Things” it becomes clear that the band has not been changed by their time off, as it gets everything moving on the right foot. One of the most difficult things for me is picking which track sticks out so much more than any of the others, as there are so many tracks that just click and get stuck in your head. “Outbreak” the band’s zombie apocalypse ode about heading to the pub (an obvious tribute to Shaun Of The Dead, inarguably one of the greatest zombie films ever made) becomes an early frontrunner, but then the band hits with “Quiero Tu Sangre” which has the catchiest chorus I’ve heard this year since “Mister Babadook” from Argyle Goolsby‘s Darken Your Doorstep.

While the first half of the album may be a little hit and miss for some people, there is no denying that the run through the middle of the album, from “Annabelle Lee” through “Blood Guts And Gore” and “Wolfsbane” into “Fronkenstein” and “The Pumpkin King” is just smash after smash. As a longtime fan, who has been listening to the band since 2011 when I first heard We Put The Fun In Funeral this is the greatest string of songs the band has ever put together. The tribute to the Mel Brooks classic Young Frankenstein was actually the track I was most looking forward to when I saw the name of the track and it does not disappoint.

As the album wraps up the late runner has to be “The Thing” which is a perfect blend of horrorpunk and the John Carpenter classic. I know I can be accused of claiming certain songs are the best tracks I’ve heard based on specific films from time to time, but this one nails the feeling one gets from watching the film, especially the dread of not knowing who is infected by the titular beast.

Given the time between albums, it’s hard to say if we will ever see another album from Tyler Toxic and The Suicide Ghouls, and while I really hope that we do, if this becomes the band’s swan song, it is absolutely one they can be proud of, and stands out as a late-entry into the 2017 grouping of best albums in the genre, but it absolutely makes the list. Don’t sleep on this one.

You can get your copy of Heartland Horror from any of the big digital music services (I got my copy from Google Play Music) or listen to the album on Spotify at your own convenience.

Killer Track
“Quiero Tu Sangre”

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