Stereo Terror: Romero’s Nation – Punk Rock Zombies

Release Year

Track Listing
1) Samhain Bloody Samhain
2) Zombies On The Broadway
3) Grabbers
4) The Burning
5) Black Christmas ’74
6) Potter’s Bluff
7) Dead Patrol
8) Cinemassacre
9) School That Ate My Brain
10) Horror Punk Is Dead

Given how much time Russia spent in the headlines in 2017 it’s incredible how a great band from the country could slip under the radar. Hailing from Arkhangelsk Romero’s Nation was formed in 2008 and has had a few releases over the years, but the band came together to release a brand new LP just as 2017 drew to a close. The aptly titled Punk Rock Zombies gives you an idea of what the band is bringing to your earholes from the title, and once you crack into the album you are treated to some awesome old-school sounding horrorpunk!

The opening track “Samhain Bloody Samhain” absolutely rips to start the album off right, ending with a sample of the classic Silver Shamrock song from the often overlooked and underrated Halloween III: Season Of The Witch. “Zombies On The Broadway” continues the fast and wicked sound the band, consisting of Andrew on vocals, Gig on guitar, Shura on bass and Michael rounding the band out on drums. Having listened to the band’s previous releases and enjoying them, such as The Heritage from 2014, I always had no problem having the band pop up in my playlists, but never really went out of my way to make sure I was listening to them. That has changed with PKillunk Rock Zombies thanks to tunes like “Grabbers” and the excellent ode to one of the original slasher movies in “Black Christmas ’74.”

“Potter’s Bluff” is a great track about the underrated 1981 film Dead & Buried, and also serves as one of the strongest cuts on the album. The band keeps slugging out quick and fast tracks through the latter half of the album with “Cinemassacre” being one of the stand outs. “School That Ate My Brain” starts strong but comes down a little by the time the chorus hits, but some solid guitar work helps redeem the song, leaving it to grow on the listener on multiple listens. With closing track “Horror Punk Is Dead” the band employs more of a chugging style riff then moves into a more traditional sound to declare the genre is dead. Here’s hoping this is a false prophecy, and that the band follows up on Punk Rock Zombies in a quicker fashion and we don’t have to wait another three years for more music from Romero’s Nation!

Punk Rock Zombies is currently available at the Official Romero’s Nation Bandcamp Page on the always great Name Your Price option. Be sure to pick up a copy and also give the band a Like on their Facebook page as well as their VK page, which appears to be updated more regularly.

Killer Track
“Potter’s Bluff”

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