Mass HyStereo Chapter Three

Greetings fiends and ghouls, and welcome back to another edition of Mass HyStereo where we take a look at a few different albums in more of a rapid-fire review style. So let’s get to it!

One-Eyed DollSomething Wicked

Release Year

Thanks to my work with HorrorHound I was recently alerted to the existence of One-Eyed Doll to look at their new release Something Wicked. The 5-track album quickly made me a fan, with the opening track “Loss Of Life” being one of the best damned songs I heard in all of 2017. “The Devil Is A Boy” doesn’t hit quite as well, but the album slowly regains momentum through “Superstar” and “Fish Knife” all building to the epic title track. While nothing can quite topple the opener, if you’re in the mood for some great female fronted rock, then Something Wicked is 20 minutes of your life you will be happy to have spent.

Head over to the One-Eyed Doll Bandcamp page to grab yourself a copy of Something Wicked available in a variety of different bundles!

Killer Track
“Loss Of Life”

The Daily ComicsIssue #2

Release Year

Russia seems to be a bit of a hot bed for horrorpunk as of late, and Moscow-based band The Daily Comics recently released a 6-album EP chock full with a hardcore tint on the genre. Opening track “Hyde” sets the mood perfectly with some killer lyrics and a sound different from any of their contemporaries that I can think of. The drums (by Wax Lamb) lays the foundation that the rest of the band (vocalist Paul Bronnikov, bassist Mr. Alex, guitarists Mr. Omtra and Daniel Fox) build upon in a solid fashion. Tracks like the opener and “Alien Attack” rip, but it’s with “The Show Of The Creeper” that the band is at their best. Telling a killer tale with a great sound tying it together, it’s an absolute standout of 2017’s late releases.

Head over to The Daily Comics Bandcamp page to get your copy of Issue #2 for only $4!

Killer Track
“The Show Of The Creeper”

Drink Skate Fight Dark Remedies

Release Year

Coming out of Boone, North Carolina, three-piece band Drink Skate Fight choose to embrace more of an old-school street punk sound and mix it with a little bit of horrorpunk. Their newest release, Dark Remedies contains five tracks that the band, consisting of guitarist and vocalist Justin Frissell, bassist Tess Angel and drummer Chris Riot, drudges through with nearly each song taking on a different sound. Opening track “Jolly Dark Night” sets the stage well but it’s the following tracks that stand out. “Blood Will Rain” is easily the most horrorpunk sounding of the bunch, with a unique sound that really should connect with the listener. “Weekends” is a fast (in comparison to the rest of the album) and solid track and really should have been where the band cut off the album, as sadly the following two tracks, “Police Brutality” and “Collision” are essentially write-offs that would be better served as B-sides or hidden tracks. That said, the good heavily outweighs the negative, and the combo of “Blood Will Rain” and “Weekends” really makes the album worth seeking out. It will be interesting to see where the band goes from here, and whether they will embrace more of the horror side of things in future releases.

Head over to the Drink Skate Fight Bandcamp page to grab your copy of Dark Remedies for $5 and check out the rest of the band’s back catalogue!

Killer Track
“Blood Will Rain”

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