Stereo Terror: The Bastards – We Are The Filthy Ones

Release Year

Track Listing
1) Young & Restless
2) My Body Is A Dumpster
3) Nothing Personal
4) Damned!
5) Crawl Into My Grave
6) Undead
7) Goddamn Gentlemen
8) Nervous Mess
9) Enemy Of The State
10) Coal Country
11) Fever
12) Street Trash
13) Breathing Blood
14) We Are The Filthy Ones

The Bastards are no strangers around these parts. We’ve done a Deadhouse Interview with them, as well as reviews of their previous albums Out Of The Grave and For Your Blood. In addition the band featured heavily on The Deadhouse Presents Cuts From The Slab with a track on the album as well as the artwork being done by one half of the band D.C. Disaster. Disaster and bandmate Jimmy Moon spent the better part of the past two years working on We Are The Filthy Ones, aiming for it to be the heaviest album they could while staying within their acoustic horrorpunk sound. So, how does the album come across with this change in sound direction for the band?

Right from the get go with “Young & Restless” the undercurrent of anger that permeates through the album is evident. Then things really kick into gear with “My Body Is A Dumpster” which begins with the line ‘I’m a piece of shit it’s in my genes’ so if you hadn’t caught on by that point, it really hammers itself home. Even though there has been no change in the musical setup that the band employs of just acoustic guitar and vocals, there really is a sense of heaviness that you would not expect. In many ways, and on several songs throughout the album it truly sounds like Jimmy is attacking his guitar while D.C. sounds like he is ripping the vocals out from his insides. All of this while never betraying the sound that the band has cultivated over the past few years on their previous releases.

While not every track hits as hard as others, We Are The Filthy Ones is The Bastards at their very best. The time and patience that went into this release is evident from the very first listen, and if you are new to the world of The Bastards, We Are The Filthy Ones is a perfect starting point, and it will undoubtedly lead listeners down the rabbit hole of their back catalogue.

Head on over to The Bastards Bandcamp page to grab your own copy of We Are The Filthy Ones and make sure to give the band a Like on The Bastards Facebook page to stay up to date on all of the latest news involving the band!

Killer Track
“My Body Is A Dumpster” & “We Are The Filthy Ones”

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