Stereo Terror: Joe Becker – Monster

Release Year

Track Listing
1) Monster
2) Prelude
3) You Need To Die
4) In Your Box
5) I’m Gonna Make You Scream
6) The Ways I’m Going To Kill You
7) Killing You
8) Under Ground
9) Anita
10) When You’re Dead
11) When A Bone Breaks
12) The End Is Near
13) Gypsy Death

Death rock and horrorpunk go hand-in-hand in many ways. So I always ensure that when I am looking for new music, or have some new music presented to me for an opportunity for review, that I check it out. Not all of it makes the cut at any given time, but the new debut album from solo artist Joe Becker is an interesting one that piqued my attention. And I am sure that it will grab some new listeners that are part of The Deadhouse cult.

First and foremost, this is not the typical horror-based album. Much of the album is very basic in terms of production and what is presented. If you’re looking for something fast and hard, this is not necessarily what you will be looking for but dig in a little deeper and you may just find something to like.

The album begins with the title track, which is little more than a spoken word skit, while the album proper begins with the second track “Prelude.” Again, as the album revs up it is a basic song that leads well into “You Need To Die” which is where the album really starts to come together. Following a long musical intro, “In Your Box” is a spoken word skit with a little bit of singing interwoven throughout, and I won’t spoil the contents of the song here.

Back to the acoustic death rock comes “I’m Gonna Make You Scream” and then the arguable highlight of the album, “The Ways I’m Going To Kill You.” The song has such a relaxing and laid back vibe, while the lyrics discuss some good ol’ fashioned murder. The strength of this song leads into “Killing You” which is another highlight of the album, and serves almost as a sequel to the prior track.

The album changes tone a little starting with the musical skit “Anita” which needs to be heard to be believed. Both “When You’re Dead” and “When A Bone Breaks” have a wildly different tone than the rest of the album, almost like fun singalong type songs, yet somehow still fit into the album’s disjointed feel.

Overall, Monster is an interesting experiment mixing many different ideas and genre into one giant mixing bowl, and Joe Becker definitely has a ton of talent. There are many highs on the album, as well as some dips, but in the end you are sure to never get bored with what is presented on Monster. I look forward to seeing what Becker comes up with in the future, and hope there is continued experimentation with the death rock, horrorpunk, acoustic and skit style.

You can grab your copy of Monster on iTunes, Spotify and all reputable digital music services, and be sure to give a Like over on the Joe Becker Facebook page!

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