Stereo Terror: Stellar Corpses – Hellbound Heart

Release Year

Track Listing
1) Hellbound Heart (feat. Jimmy Calabrese)
2) Darkside Of The American Dream
3) Cruel And Unusual
4) She’ll Claw Your Eyes Out
5) In Her Lover’s Arms

Stellar Corpses have been one of the most popular and enduring acts in the horrorpunk and psychobilly genres for over a decade now. Things have been pretty quiet over the past few years since the 2012 release of their last album Dead Stars Drive-In, but with the release of a single (which has been retooled for inclusion on this album) and a cover that was featured on HorrorHound Presents It’s Only A Movie they’ve kept fans clamoring for new music. And on Friday, April 13th fans finally get their wish with the release of the new Hellbound Heart EP.

Starting with the title track, the album comes blazing like a bat out of hell, and on this track they aren’t coming alone. Featured on the track are the distinctive vocals of Jimmy Calabrese of Calabrese. Given that the song is named after the Clive Barker novella that went onto become Hellraiser, Jimmy‘s vocals are essentially from the point of view of the Cenobites. It’s actually his verse that really ties the song closely to its source material, but the song is a banger all around.

With “Darkside Of The American Dream” we get the Corpses at their finest, blending psychobilly and horrorpunk with catchy hooks, and lyrics that almost feel timeless. It’s a great twist on the so-called American Dream, giving it a fun spin to the horror side of things. “Cruel And Unusual” might be the most horror-centric track on the album, with some great lyrics that are twisted coming from the mind of front man Dusty Grave. This is also a good time to give credit to the rest of the band syncing up to be what may be the best lineup the band has ever had, including Kyle Moore on drums, Dan Lamothe on the upright bass, Randy Moore on lead guitar and longtime member (and one of the many members of Argyle Goolsby‘s Roving Midnight band lineup) Emilio Menze on rhythm guitar. Even though there are only five songs on this album, it may be the tightest the band has ever sounded.

On “She’ll Claw Your Eyes Out” the real star is Randy Moore with the guitar dominating the song, including a great solo that punctuates the song, giving it a different feel than some of the other tracks. Finally the album comes to a close with “In Her Lover’s Arms.” As previously mentioned, the band released the song as a single a few years back, but while the lyrics and essence of the song is the same, the lineup has tinkered with the overall sound, giving it a much fuller and louder sound. This can be credited to both the lineup and the production work from Rene Delamuerte of The Brains. Interestingly, in addition to his work engineering, mixing and mastering the album, Delamuerte and Dusty Grave recently joined forces to create a new label, Batcave Records, with a focus on horror music. Hellbound Heart is one of their first releases, and it’s a great way to kick off what should be an exciting new venture and give new opportunities to a lot of bands around the world.

Truthfully, the only real gripe to have with Hellbound Heart is its short length. I am not sure how long the wait will be for a new full-length album from the band will be, but with how great this one comes across, let’s hope that it will be sooner than later.

Head over to Batcave Records to place your pre-order now before the Friday The 13th release date. Of course, you should also head to the Official Stellar Corpses website, and give the band a Like on the Stellar Corpses Facebook page.

Killer Track
“Darkside Of The American Dream”

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