Stereo Terror: Running From Daylight – Elvis Ain’t Dead Yet

Release Year
Track Listing
1) Elvis Ain’t Dead Yet
2) Dead Man’s Crossing
3) Between The Eyes
4) Full Moon Rising
5) Mary Jane
6) Breathing Fyre
7) Whole Damn Bottle

As a Canadian horrorpunk, I’ve long complained about the lack of bands in my region, but things have been rapidly changing as of late. While at one point it seemed the only bands who had fully embraced the darker side of punk were the beloved Black Cat Attack and more recently The House Of Haunt, I’ve been noticing a litany of new groups popping up all over the Great White North. One of these bands just happens to be based right here in my hometown of London, Ontario called Running From Daylight. Back in November I did do a Stereo Terror review looking at their debut album, Coffin For Two, which you can check out here. So when standup bassist/vocalist Garrett Renders hooked me up with an advanced copy of the band’s newest album, Elvis Ain’t Dead Yet, I was more than thrilled to dig into what my fellow Londoners had put together.

The four-piece band, which consists of the aforementioned Renders, guitarist/vocalist Andrew Bellini-Rutledge, guitarist/vocalist Troy Jasper and drummer/vocalist Tarek Rashwan, show a clear maturing and evolution from their previous album with Elvis Ain’t Dead Yet. Right from the opening title track, the album wastes no time coming at the listener with a psychobilly edge that never dives too deep into the worst tropes of the subgenre (like 95% of the bands sounding the exact same.) It doesn’t hurt that the production and mixing from Ryan Izzard takes the band to a new level, in addition to mastering from the legendary Rene D La Muerte of The Brains (and co-founder of Batcave Records with another friend of The Deadhouse, Dusty Grave of Stellar Corpses!)

“Dead Man’s Crossing” keeps the momentum going but it is when we get to “Between The Eyes” that the album really begins to shine. With an almost old school western sound kicked into the mix, and obviously political lyrics mixed in with a zombie apocalypse story, this is the type of song that will grab people’s attention. In some ways it almost seems a little out of place as it takes on its own life and remains wedged between more typical sounding tracks of the genre, but given that the album contains only seven songs, it acts like a bridge between the two halves. “Between The Eyes” was that first track that I had to keep going back to over and over again on repeat.

“Full Moon Rising” gives us a good ol’ fashioned werewolf tale and bounces between a more relaxed and slowed down vibe and the quicker tempo, almost schizophrenically, but it pans out and remains memorable. “Mary Jane” is the first single off of the album and the track released to listeners who pre-order the album so it is undoubtedly one that the band is behind. If you have an idea from the title of the song what it is about, you’re likely right (and it ain’t about Spider-Man’s girlfriend!) With the energy level so high it has to be destined to become a staple of the band’s live performances going forward.

As the album draws to a close “Breathing Fyre” is another solid rocker with a catchy chorus that is sure to keep your foot tapping along. Finally with “Whole Damn Bottle” wraps things up with another fast and rollicking track that could easily serve as a companion piece to “Mary Jane” for anyone who wants to throw them together.

With Elvis Ain’t Dead Yet, Running From Daylight have shown growth and evolution that clearly implies a bright future. As a fellow Londoner I’m thrilled to have a band representing our city and the more evil side of the genre. It’s hard to see anything but great things down the line for the group, and I’ll be damned sure paying attention and cheering them on.

Elvis Ain’t Dead Yet is set for release on April 26th, the same night the band will be playing a CD release shoe at Call The Office with The Living Deads. You can pre-order your copy at the Running From Daylight Bandcamp page and receive an immediate download of “Mary Jane.” And of course be sure to give the band a Like on the Running From Daylight Facebook page.
Killer Track
“Between The Eyes”

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