Stereo Terror: Robby Bloodshed – 21 And On

Release Year

Track Listing
1) Ripped Heart
2) Fading White
3) A Man, A Plan
4) Light The Way
5) Elation
6) West Nickel Mine Massacre (2018)
7) Bring It Back
8) No Love
9) Pony
10) Lovers Paradise
11) Dissension

It’s almost mind boggling to think that I have been listening to Robby Bloodshed and covering him on this very site for several years now, and the kid has only just recently released his newest album 21 And On celebrating his 21st birthday! The man already had an extensive back catalogue before he was of legal drinking age in his home country, which is insane. We’ve done a Stereo Terror review of his album, Leave Them Hooked here, a Deadhouse Interview here, and even featured one of his videos on DeadTube here. And Robby has long been someone I can call a friend and a great supporter of the site, so despite the recent lack of activity here on the site, it was always obvious we were going to take a look at the new album, albeit better late than never!

Let it be noted right from the start, this is not your traditional horrorpunk album. While Bloodshed is very much born out of the scene and still an active part of it, his music has evolved over the years moving slightly away from the traditional horrorpunk sound with each subsequent album. I was listening to this album in the car with my girlfriend and she noted how it was a step away from what I normally have blasting when I get into ‘review mode’ and I plainly stated that if old school Danzig and Queen were to ever have made a lovechild it would be Robby Bloodshed and if they made an album, it would be 21 And On.

Kicking off with a straight-ahead rocker in “Ripped Heart” is a great choice, because it brings in new and old listeners alike with a sound reminiscent of all his previous work, then he immediately slows things down for the more ballad-like “Fading White.” With “A Man, A Plan” Bloodshed gives the listener an early standout for the best track on the album, and things just continue going up from there. “Light The Way” sounds like it would come straight out of the ’80’s and is guaranteed to have you tapping your foot along to the beat.

Then we get “West Nickel Mine Massacre (2018)” which is undoubtedly the most horrorpunk track on the album and immediately stands out from the rest of the album as the track you are going to show your friends when you talk about this album. It’s damned hard to not put this one on repeat over and over. The hits keep coming with “No Love” and “Pony” being late-album highlights.

It’s hard to find a bad track on any Robby Bloodshed album, and 21 And On is no different. As I’ve already mentioned, if you are looking for your traditional sonic assault that you get with more standard horrorpunk, you won’t find it here. But open up your mind on what can be done with that foundation and you will have a great time with this one. I am simply amazed at the evolution I and other listeners have witnessed through the years we’ve been following Robby Bloodshed and the fact that he has just hit 21 is incredible. Just think of what the future holds…. It’s going to be quite the trip!

You can get your copy of 21 And On at the Official Robby Bloodshed Bandcamp Page. And of course, be sure to Like the Official Robby Bloodshed Facebook page to stay up to date with all of his current tour dates and upcoming news! And be sure to throw a Like on the Official Facebook page of The Deadhouse as well.

Killer Track
“West Nickel Mine Massacre (2018)”

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