Stereo Terror: Shadow Windhawk – The Funeral Cortege

Release Year

Track Listing
1) Broken Signals
2) Borgo Pass
3) Cortege
4) Fourteen-Mile Tombstone (Mr. Romero)
5) Visitation
6) Red Shadows
7) Feb. 24th, 1989
8) Green-Wood
9) Wendigo

At this point, it would be foolish to not consider Shadow Windhawk one of the biggest names in the horrorpunk scene today. Windhawk has been steadily active over the past half-decade, and a long-time supporter of this very site. In fact, Windhawk and fellow supporter Al B. Damned were the first two artists to embrace and help spread the word about this very site. I’ve been lucky enough to have interviewed Windhawk on a few occasions and you can check those out here and here. Now, after years of touring and also serving as a member of Argyle Goolsby‘s Roving Midnight band, Windhawk has released the concluding chapter of his ‘Funerary Trilogy’ which began with the Casket Spray EP and continued with the 2016 release of Cremation Garden. The Funeral Cortege is not only the closing chapter to the trilogy, but an example of the growth and confidence that Windhawk has amassed over the years.

Beginning with the slow and brooding “Broken Signals” gives any new listeners a fair introduction to Shadow Windhawk and his unique take on the horrorpunk genre. It is with the Dracula inspired “Borgo Pass” that the album really begins to formulate and come into its own. “Borgo Pass” was the first song to be heard ahead of the album’s proper release, and it was a strong and intelligent choice as it showcases not only the great musicianship on hand but the different vocal stylings that Windhawk employs. Speaking of the musicianship, commendations must go to Windhawk‘s backing band of Morticians consisting of drummer St. Brucifer and bassist Willie ‘Wolfbite’ Hatton-Ward of Zombiecock. Both men provide exceptional backing for the album and more than pull their own weight here.

“Cortege” is a solid track that builds slowly but hits a great crescendo. The main takeaway for me was the constant reference to Leslie Nielsen‘s iconic quote from Creepshow, which I will leave for you to enjoy. Up next is “Fourteen-Mile Tombstone (Mr. Romero)” which I am sure everyone can guess is a tribute to the late, great and legendary George A. Romero. I would go into detail about who Romero is, but really, if you are here and don’t know you are doing life wrong. The song is an energetic track that pulses through the headphones or stereo and may be one of the most upbeat songs that Windhawk has ever recorded. “Visitation Room” gives us more of what we know and love, and leads into a cover of T.S.O.L.‘s “Red Shadows” which in today’s political climate is more relevant than ever, making it an absolutely great choice to include here. Following up on the cover is another interesting choice, with a redone version of “Feb. 24th 1989″ which originally appeared on Shadow Windhawk‘s first lesser known release Tales From The Black Lodge, an all-acoustic EP based on Twin Peaks. This new version of the song takes on the full-band approach and out of all the songs on that original EP, this was far and away the best choice to bring into the new sound. The album winds down with an ode to the historic “Green-Wood” Cemetery and “Wendigo” closes the album with a dreary track that really encapsulates the feeling of the album as a whole.

The ‘Funerary Trilogy’ has been one of the absolute highlights of the horrorpunk genre over the past few years, and while I am sad to see it end, I look forward to what Windhawk and the Morticians come up with in the future, and am thrilled to report that unlike many trilogies, The Funeral Cortege delivers on every level you would expect from it.

You can get your copy of The Funeral Cortege as well as all of Shadow Windhawk‘s back catalogue by clicking here and be sure to throw a Like on the Official Shadow Windhawk Facebook page!

Killer Track
“Borgo Pass”

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