Stereo Terror: Gallowmere – From The Forested North

Release Year

Track Listing
1) A Black Rose
2) Won’t Make It Out Alive
3) Power Of The Grave
4) Miseria Vampiris
5) Dreamer Discarnate
6) Chopped To Pieces
7) They Sleep Beneath The Sea

While Gallowmere have never been officially reviewed on this site, they did contribute a track to The Deadhouse Presents Cuts From The Slab and have long been a favorite around these parts. After a long layoff that seemed like forever, the band is back with a new album featuring 7 tracks of blistering horrorpunk. From The Forested North is the band’s second official release, in addition to a live album and a few sporadic singles, and the band takes their best shot with this one. Featuring Jesse Nameless, known for playing with other acts in the scene like Vagora and more notably as a member of the band for Robby Bloodshed. Band members Nameless (vocals, guitars and drums), Joey Null (bass/vocals) and Brad Rondeau (drums) have evolved and put together an album full of hard yet melodic, beautiful but dark horrorpunk that no doubt deserves to be put up there with any of the genre’s current heavyweights.

“A Black Rose” kicks the album off and gives new listeners a great dose of what to expect. When you break it all down, this is pure horrorpunk with a new twist. It doesn’t sound like The Misfits or even Blitzkid, but it absolutely feels like a spiritual successor to all of the music those bands have released. No better is this proven than on “Won’t Make It Out Alive” which somehow makes a sample from American Dad work into the album. The song has such a wonderful upbeat feel to it, with incredibly graphic and grisly lyrics that will make any horror fan happy and proud to listen to it. “Power Of The Grave” gives us a zombie tale in the same style as the previous track. And the hook is so damned catchy that it’s ridiculous. Throughout the album you come to realize how incredibly talented at songwriting that Jesse Nameless really is, and how great both Joey Null and Brad Rondeau are at helping bring his vision to life. If there is any real downside to this album, it is that you are reminded that there is so much time between new music from the group and it can make you a little depressed. But on the bright side, the music that we have here is so damned great you can’t help but throw it on repeat and just keep listening. There is no way that you can listen to a song like “Chopped To Pieces” and not just tap your feet along and smile at the grisliness of it all.

From The Forested North is clearly an album that is in the running for the best horrorpunk release of 2018, and it has been a solid year for the genre so I consider this very high praise. If you like your horrorpunk to be catchy and melodic, you cannot afford to skip over Gallowmere. I urge anyone reading this to not only just check out From The Forested North, but go back and check out Ebbing Season as well!

You can get your entire Gallowmere fix at the Official Gallowmere Bandcamp page and be sure to throw the band a Like on the Gallowmere Facebook page to stay updated on all the band has going on!

Killer Track
“Won’t Make It Out Alive”

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