Stereo Terror: Skeletal Crew – Frankenstyle

Release Year

Track Listing
1) Ain’t Bad To Be Dead
2) Motherfucker In Me
3) Private Hell
4) Rotten Valentine
5) Frankenstyle
6) Ratman

Horrorpunk has always been a very international genre, with genre lovers worldwide taking a stab at blending punk and horror. Portugal is not necessarily a hotbed of the genre, but a sudden blast has come from the European country. Skeletal Crew is comprised of Allsin Rotrotted and Skinwalker Pete primarily, having just formed this year. Putting together six tracks of what they describe as ‘putrid voices and groovy riffs’ Frankenstyle is undoubtedly one of the best debuts in the genre this year.

Right from the opening track “Ain’t Bad To Be Dead” you will be drawn in and wanting to sing along whether they are displaying the more harsh vocal stylings or the clean vocals. The talk of groovy riffs is accurate as all hell, and runs throughout all six tracks. “Motherfucker In Me” is just as fun as the title suggests it will be.

Once you make your way to “Rotten Valentine” is where you really succumb to what the band is putting out there, and not only is it the best damned track on the album, it should be in contention for everyone’s favorite horrorpunk song of 2018. If you don’t find yourself putting at least this track on repeat then you just might not be the type of person who loves fun, rollicking horror-infused punk rock. It’s just that damned good.

The rest of the album is fun, with the title track being another standout, but never quite hits the same high as the middle of the album. But given there is only six songs on display here, that’s nothing to balk at.

Hopefully we will be seeing more of Skeletal Crew in the near future, because this is a band that knows what they are doing and do it well. I look forward to whatever they may come up with if it stays within the same boundaries as what we have gotten with Frankenstyle.

Head on over to the Skeletal Crew Bandcamp page to grab your copy of Frankenstyle, currently available on the ‘Name Your Price’ option!

Killer Track
“Rotten Valentine”

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