Mass Hystereo Chapter Four

Greetings fiends and ghouls, and welcome back to another edition of Mass HyStereo where we take a look at a few different albums in more of a rapid fire fashion, so without further ado, let’s get to it!

Rebel FleshKill With Your Kiss

Rebel Flesh have been a favorite around these parts since their first release way back in 2015, I Have Become The Night (Stereo Terror here) which they followed up in 2016 with Up All Night (Stereo Terror here) and while we missed a review on their third album Holds You Tight it still got a lot of play around these parts. And now the Austin, Texas rockers are back with their fourth full-length album, Kill With Your Kiss. If you’ve been listening to the band like I have since the beginning, you will be treated to more of the same style they have made their own since the beginning while also showing growth and an evolution that every good band should as they proceed through their career. Off the hop “No One To Love” leads the album in and is one of the strongest tracks the band has ever produced. By the time you hit “Wolf Cubs” you will likely be fully enveloped in the band’s style of classic rock mixed with horrorpunk. Tracks like “Spiders Inside Her” and it’s follow-up “Five O Nine” are some of the best songs the band has put together and really perfects the style they have, but it is “Shadows” that could easily be argued as the perfect song for the band. Four albums of evolution led to that one, and this song takes the album to another level.

Head on over to the Rebel Flesh HearNow page to grab your copy of Kill With Your Kiss from a number of different sources!

Killer Track

The Zombie MafiaAll In Vein

The Zombie Mafia out of New Jersey have been around for over 10 years, but somehow always been one of those bands that seemed to just fly under my radar. Thankfully that has been corrected with their new album, All In Vein. While only five songs are featured here, each one stands out on its own and there is some solid stuff throughout. The album really spotlights the work of guitarists 45 Dave and Zombie Alex (who originally formed the band in 2007) as well as the vocals from Jared Sin. It’s said a lot throughout any genre, but Sin‘s vocals aren’t really akin to any other vocalist in the genre, almost reminding me more of something you’d hear in an 80’s thrash metal album. This works incredibly well to help the band stand out from many of its contemporaries and All In Vein is chock full of great tracks, with highlights being the opener “Splintered” and “See Me Burn.” But as I’ve seen happen on many albums over my time reviewing music, they save the best for last with the closing track “Autopsy” being so infectious that you’ll have a hard time not singing along. Whatever the band comes up with next, it will be well worth paying attention to!

Head on over to The Zombie Mafia BandCamp page to grab your copy of All In Vein as well as other merch and releases from the band!

Killer Track

The Draculads From Parts Unknown

Well this one came right out of left field to hit with a bang. A brand new side project featuring Rob Harms Belmont and Michael Van Buren from The Theatre Zombies mixes that band’s styling of pop-punk and horrorpunk, and takes it one step further mixing in synth and a little bit of metal to form one kick-ass new band. With Belmont handling not only guitar and vocals, but synth and the programming of the drums, this is undoubtedly more of the vision that he started with The Theatre Zombies, and Van Buren lays out the bass as the foundation of many of the songs. After a short intro, “Night Bride” comes out of nowhere to kick your ass and pull you into the project with arms wide open (pardon the Creed reference). Each song is different from the other resulting in there being a little bit of something for everyone. Whether it’s the straight-ahead fury of “Night Bride” or the cool and calm closing track “Dark Embrace” every single song offers difference while being horrorpunk at its core. You absolutely cannot go wrong with this new project, and whether the next thing we hear from these guys is from The Theatre Zombies or The Draculads, I’m sitting here ready for it!

Head on over to The Draculads BandCamp page to grab your copy of From Parts Unknown now!

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