Psycho Billy’s Slaughterhouse: Voodoo Zombies – Reviresco


Released: November 29, 2018

Track Listing:

  • Intro Reviresco
  • La Llamada De Cthulu
  • Amarte Es Peligroso
  • Amor Psycho (Reviresco)
  • La Cara Oculta De La Luna
  • El Mesias
  • Existencia Infernal
  • Zombiewalk
  • Entrevista VZ Radio Futuro
  • Esquizomortal
  • Existencia Infernal (Version Calavero)
  • Un Mejor Cadillac

Are you looking for a combination of stomping psychobilly and spicy Spanish accents? Well I have found the band for you! Voodoo Zombie is Chile’s first psychobilly band and is sure to inspire a resurgence of the genre from that part of the world. “Reviresco” was released on the Los Angeles-based record label Batcave Records. This album was recorded at Calavera Estudio and was mixed/mastered by Rene De La Muerte at Batcave Records. When you are a psychobilly band with both Dusty and Rene’s support you know you’re doing something right. One disclaimer I have to make at the start is that outside of “dos cervezas por favor” my Spanish is very limited so I will not be able to comment on lyrical content or the tracks 1 and 9, which are spoken word without music in the background (if you can translate them for me feel free to send the translations my way!)

“Amarte Es Peligroso” is the first single released from this album (which dropped the day before). This track is easily a stand out track for not only Voodoo Zombie, but the genre as a whole. It has very cool dynamics that build up into a super catchy, fun chorus that everyone will find themselves singing along to. Throughout this album you will find very punchy rhythmic upright bass. I really prefer the prominent low-end that you find in this album to the hectic-paced “clicky” upright bass found in some other psychobilly acts. Both “Amor Psycho (Reviresco)” and “La Cara Oculta De La Luna” do a great job highlighting the talent of each individual in the band. They are full of smooth basslines, catchy guitar riffs, fun drum fills and cool melodies.

“El Mesias” is a fast paced guitar driven track that really stuck out to me, and “Existencia Infernal” slowed things back down with some cool experimental lead guitar licks. “Zombiewalk” is another good track to stomp along (or zombie walk) to. “Esquizomortal” is definitely one of my favourites from this album; it’s fast and includes a killer bassline throughout! “Existencia Infernal (Version Calavero)” brings track 7 back to a less experimental and more psychobilly tone. “Un Mejor Cadillac” is a fast-paced psycho-stomper which brings things up to 11 before closing out the album.

As a whole “Reviresco” is a very fun listen throughout that Voodoo Zombie should be very proud of. Tracks 3, 6, 10 and 12 in particular really stood out to me on my first listen. Be sure to check out Voodoo Zombie on Facebook at and pick up “Reviresco” from Batcave Records at:

Killer Track(s)
“Amarte Es Peligroso” & “Esquizomortal”

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