Stereo Terror: Rise From Your Grave – The Feast Of The Eye

Release Year

Track Listing
1) Blackened Waters (Narration)
2) The Calling
3) Eyes Open (Narration)
4) Writing On The Wall
5) Not Alone
6) It Cannot Be
7) No Rest (Narration)
8) The Answer
9) As I Crumble
10) Molding Flesh (Narration)
11) Human Plague
12) Let The Darkness Fall
13) My World Undone

Roughly a year ago or so, I was thrilled to review Arise, the debut album from Pittsburgh horrorpunks Rise From Your Grave, which you can find by clicking here. The band gave listeners a bit of a different take on the genre, and now the band is back with their second album, The Feast Of The Eye, this time leaning more into their Eldritch influenced style with a concept album telling a story throughout. Unlike most albums of this type, The Feast Of The Eye is broken up by bits of narration, furthering the story. This can be a tricky thing to pull off as sometimes putting a narration track in the middle of your album can halt an album’s momentum in its tracks….so how does the band do with this concept?

The album begins with “Blackened Waters” which serves as the first of many spoken-word tracks and serves to begin the story being told by the band. For the purposes of this review and to allow all of you to enjoy the story as it unfolds, as this will most certainly maximize enjoyment of the album. The album musically begins on the second track, “The Calling” and returning listeners will be greeted by a familiar sound, while new listeners are sure to be taken in by the band’s blending of horror mythos, punk and thrash metal. Mixing in the Lovecraftian styled lyrics and story as a perfect backdrop, the band has audibly continued to evolve their sound. The album returns to another narration track before shifting back to the musical side of things with “Writing On The Wall.” The one-two wallop of “Writing On The Wall” and “Not Alone” is likely to be considered by many the strongest part of the album, not to discount “It Cannot Be” which follows thereafter.

Another narrative speech follows, leading into the latter part of the album. “The Answer” has the same driving force and style as many of the previous tracks, then “As I Crumble” gives us a much slower, almost ballad-style (well, as close as a band like Rise From Your Grave are going to get to a ballad) softer track. This leads into the final narration, helping bring the story to a close that will be handled by the final three musical tracks. Of these, the true highlight, and one of the highlights of the album as a whole, is “My World Undone.” A great album can always be marked by a satisfying closer, and The Feast Of The Eye is no exception.

If you’re a fan of concept albums, or Eldritch-tinged horror, metal and/or punk, you are likely to find something to dig on The Feast Of The Eye. Head on over to the Rise From Your Grave Bandcamp page to get your copy now, and be sure to give the band a Like on their Official Facebook page to stay up to date on everything going on with the band!

Killer Track
“Writing On The Wall”

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