Stereo Terror: The Thirsty Crows – Hangman’s Noose

Release Year

Track Listing
1) Hangman’s Noose
2) Vengeful Son
3) De La Muerte
4) Anchor’s Up
5) Devil’s Highway
6) Love Or Suicide
7) Angels Won’t Cry
8) Midnite Rumble
9) Hang On
10) Heart Of Rust
11) Heart Attack
12) Not Forgotten
13) Good Juice
14) Anything, Anything

When the opportunity to take a look at Hangman’s Noose, the new album from South Bay psychobilly act The Thirsty Crows, I imagined this would be one for my good friend Psycho Billy take a look at. But as fate would have it, this one has landed in my lap. Longtime readers know I am not exactly the biggest fan of psychobilly/rockabilly music, but I am always willing to expand my tastes. And in this case, it worked out rather nicely.

Presenting 14 tracks, Hangman’s Noose is an exceptionally well-rounded album, hitting many different sounds through its runtime. Early songs like the title track and “Anchor’s Up” may sound like your typical stuff for the genre, but are infused with an energy that emanates through your speakers or headphones that pulls you in. Without leaning too much into hyperbole, I have to say that “Angels Won’t Cry” may be one of the best songs I’ve ever heard that has the psychobilly sound, and I would put it easily up against some of the bands that I have supported throughout the years.

“Midnite Rumble” talks about ‘blood and sex and nicotine’ so immediately gets thrown on repeat simply for talking about some of my favorite things. The fact that it’s just a great song only helps. Not every track hits as well as those, as I found “Hang On” not to really click, but the band, consisting of Steve Huante on guitars and vocals, Chris Saunders on the requisite upright bass, Victor Cisneros on guitar and Rich Smith on drums, bounce right back with the incredible “Heart Of Rust” and the fun as all hell “Heart Attack.” The album wraps up with “Good Juice” which has some great guitar work before one of the better covers I’ve ever heard of the Dramarama classic “Anything, Anything.” I never thought the psychobilly style would suit the song, but the guys make it work!

Overall, I gotta say that Hangman’s Noose was a pleasant surprise for me. The guys over at Batcave Records have a real potential hit on their hands here, and I’ll be keeping an eye out on The Thirsty Crows and hoping they come up and have some tour dates up here in Canada!

You can head over to the band’s Official Website to grab yourself a copy of Hangman’s Noose when it releases on January 18th through Batcave Records, and make sure to give the band a Like on their Official Facebook Page!

Killer Track
“Angels Won’t Cry”

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