Psycho Billy’s Slaughterhouse: The Devil’s Sons – Black Moonshine

Release Year

Track Listing
1) Revenge Is Mine
2) Broke n’ Down
3) I Got Strung
4) Dead Love
5) Black Moonshine
6) Rebel At Heart

The Devil’s Sons are a psychobilly band out of Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. They are fronted by Brad Graves on guitar/vocals with Fernando De Los Santos on upright bass/backing vocals and Johnny Crash on drums. Their most recent EP Black Moonshine was released in fall 2018 through Batcave Records and this one sure is a banger! The EP was recorded at The Physics Lab in Edmonton with Rob Lawless, and it was mixed/mastered by Rene ‘De La Muerte’ Garcia. The musicianship throughout this recording is fantastic! They display lots of depth and variety through this EP and I am really looking forward to the next time they tour through Ontario to catch their live show.

Black Moonshine starts off with “Revenge is Mine”. This track is very fast paced and is a great way to kick things off. There are some fun guitar licks to pick things up, the bass is very bouncy and hearing horns right off the bat got me very excited for what was coming next. When horns are done right in a psychobilly release, they add a very cool element to the music. “Broke n’ Down” approaches what I’ve decided to start calling ska-billy; this track really rips! I can hear a lot of influence from Rancid in this track (Rancid is one of the bands who got me into punk music and will forever bounce around my top 5 favourite bands). Tracks like this really help display how creative and talented this group of musicians is. “I Got Strung” is a fun old-school rock n’ roll track with some blazin’ keys. This song is a must listen for anyone who wants to hear some 50’s rock n’ roll with an extra edge.

“Dead Love” is another fun track with a very catchy sing-along style chorus and fun, melodic lead guitar lines. The title track “Black Moonshine” slows things down with a very creepy feel. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again; these guys are very creative. I love the frantic slow-fast change of tempo; it adds organized chaos and builds on the eerie themes/tone of the track. Throughout this EP you can hear the bands that influence The Devil’s Sons, but they are able to incorporate these influences into very cool, original music. “Rebel At Heart” is a catchy, upbeat track that has some more of that ska-billy sounds I was referencing earlier. There are some fun keys and horns throughout this track and it closes the EP nicely.

I highly recommend checking out these Western Canadian Psychos the next chance you get! Keep informed on their upcoming shows and releases on their Official Website. There you can also preview “Black Moonshine” before picking yourself up a copy (which you should do yourself a favour and pick up… listen to that devil on your shoulder and do it… give in to the temptations…)

Killer Track
“Broke n’ Down”

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