Stereo Terror: The Prople – Why Even Ask?

Release Year

Track Listing
1) Fireworks
2) The Wild Bunny
3) Funny Games
4) Wall To Wall
5) Doomed Moviethon
6) Murder At Club 33
7) Amazing Grace ’78
8) Rise Of The Dawn Of The War For The Planet Of The Apes
9) Precious Vibrant Formality
10) Spaceship Death
11) Son Of Blatella
12) Grandma Carol
13) Heriditary
14) Fruit Cellar
15) Time To Float
16) Booker, Catch!
17) The Crooked Man
18) Escape From The Utilidors
19) Would You Kindly?
20) Vermin

Well fiends and ghouls, it looks like our favorite two-piece crazed horrorpunk band friends in The Prople are at it again! You may recall us doing a Stereo Terror review for their first album, Revenge, which you can find here or their inspired comic book which we covered in our Splatter Panels feature (I promise they are coming back soon!) here
so they are no strangers around these parts. Being lucky enough to have struck up a friendship with band members Markky Karloff and Kari Frankenstein, I was excited to check this album out and see how it follows up on what they did with Revenge, and I have to say, Why Even Ask? is a great follow-up, showing a lot of growth while retaining what made these guys special in the first place.

The album begins with “Fireworks” which is a tribute to the villainous Frieza from Dragon Ball Z. As a non-anime guy (unless you count the Netflix show for Castlevania which is incredible!) I will say that they killed it on this one. “The Wild Bunny” is a musical interlude track which is actually a loose cover of one of the tracks from the soundtrack to the original Spider-Man game on the original PlayStation. As someone who played the ever loving shit out of that game back in the day, it was a pleasant surprise. “Funny Games” follows and is based on the film of the same name. This one is interesting for me, as I absolutely despised that film, but the song is just so fast and catchy that you become engulfed in it.

Markky and Kari then provide what may arguably be the first horrorpunk song about Wal-Mart with “Wall To Wall” and I am not even really sure how I can comment on this one. Just listen, it’s worth your time. “Doomed Moviethon” serves as a tribute to a friend’s movie review website, while “Murder At Club 33” is a musical track that leads into the hilarious “Amazing Grace ’78.”

“Rise Of The Dawn Of The War For The Planet Of The Apes” is more than just a mouthful, but a fun track, and I honestly cannot believe they came up with a hook that works to include the entire title of the song. That’s talent right there.

“Son Of Blatella” is the next highlight, and I don’t even know how to describe the idea behind the song. Just know that it involves a serial killer, ball pits and a soul reincarnated into a cockroach. I’ll leave it to the band to go into further detail, because I don’t think I could ever do it proper justice. “Hereditary” sadly lacks a lot of lyrical content when it comes to such a great film, but is regardless catchy as all hell. And then “Fruit Cellar” hits with vocals from Kari exclusively, and it immediately makes a case for best track not only on this album, but the band’s whole discography!

“Time To Float” is a fun little tribute to IT and as we enter the final stretch of the album, there’s not one, but two Bioshock related songs, which for any gamer with good taste will come as a pleasant surprise. Wisely, while paying tribute to the original game and Bioshock: Infinite, they ignore the second game in the series. Throw in some fun Disney-inspired songs and a song about “The Crooked Man” and you end up with a pretty well-rounded group of influences throughout the album.

Let’s be honest, The Prople aren’t going to be for everyone. It’s an experimental take on the whole genre, but if you open your mind, there is so much greatness to be found within Why Even Ask? With 20 songs, there is a pretty solid chance you will find at least one or two songs that you will cling to and keep in the back of your mind….while your trapped in the catacombs underneath Disney World.

Why Even Ask? Is available at The Prople Bandcamp and be sure to give the band a Like on their Facebook page to stay up to date with all the craziness the band has going on!

Killer Track
“Fruit Cellar”

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