Stereo Terror: Twilight Creeps – Along Came A Spider

Release Date

Track Listing
1) Nobody Owes
2) Haddonfield On Halloween
3) Night Of The Demons
4) Along Came A Spider
5) Parking Lots
6) Lovesick
7) Tomorrow
8) Texas Chainsaw Family
9) Cigarette Burns
10) Susan’s Fire (aka Wizard And Glass)
11) Jailed
12) Black Heart
13) The Obvious

Los Angeles-based horrorpunks Twilight Creeps have been hanging out as part of the scene for a few years, having released their self-titled album back in 2016, and are now attempting to get their name on the tongues of more and more fans while battling the dreaded sophomore slump with Along Came A Spider. I’ve been lucky enough to have had the album for a little while to allow it to really sink in before this review, so how does the group do? Read on to find out…

Starting with the insanely catchy “Nobody Owes” the band immediately show their style of a more poppy punk based sound and grab you right by the throat with the fun sound. The band dives deeper into horror territory with the Halloween-inspired “Haddonfield On Halloween” from the perspective of everyone’s favorite ‘devils eyes.’ It doesn’t click as well as the opener but is still a great lead-in for “Night Of The Demons” which serves as one of the strongest cuts on the album. References to the lipstick scene will make any fan of the underrated 80’s classic, or hell, even the not-as-good but still fun remake from 2009 smile from ear to ear.

Things slow down a little bit for the title track, which is a good ol’ fashioned revenge story done right, and I know I use this phrase a lot in many of my reviews, but goddamn is it catchy as all hell. Truthfully, if you can listen to this song and not immediately be tapping your foot and bobbing your head, you’re not necessarily the type of person I would ever want to associate with. It’s that good! Again following one of the stronger tracks is another song that is great, but pales a little in comparison to the previous one with “Parking Lots.” It really reminds me of something you would see a video for back circa 2004, right along some blink 182 or My Chemical Romance. I don’t mean that as a bad thing as it clicks well within the framework of the album.

This style continues prominently through “Lovesick” and “Tomorrow” with the latter being the stronger of the two, before the band moves back into a little more straight-horror based tunes with “Texas Chainsaw Family.” And holy hell does it ever kick ass. There is no way I could not see this becoming a live staple that gets the crowd moving and having a hell of a lot of fun. I’d be remiss if I didn’t mention how well the album has flowed together to this point, even with the tracks that are a little weaker, this is one of the best arranged albums I’ve heard in quite some time. This continues with “Cigarette Burns” and through the Dark Tower series based “Susan’s Fire (aka Wizard And Glass).”

The album hits its final stride through “Jailed” which is a fun twist on the whole love song thing, then into “Black Heart” which continues that same theme. The album comes to a close with “The Obvious” which takes on a bit of a ska-sound changing pace from the rest of the album. It serves as a fine closer, but some may be put off by the style change so late in the album.

Overall, Along Came A Spider is one hell of a powerful poppy horrorpunk album. If you’re a fan of either horrorpunk on its own, or a pop punk sound at all, then you will find lots to love about Twilight Creeps.

You can grab your copy of Along Came A Spider through the band’s DistroKid link here and be sure to give the band a Like on their Official Facebook page.

Killer Track
“Along Came A Spider”

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