Mass HyStereo Chapter Six

Greetings fiends and ghouls, and welcome back to another edition of Mass HyStereo where we take a look at a few different albums in more of a rapid fire fashion, so without further ado, let’s get to it!

5¢ Freakshow – Horror Punk Splatter Massacre

Calgary’s favorite freakshow trio, 5¢ Freakshow have returned with a new release in the form of a two-track single, with maybe the best album name I’ve seen in a while. After all, what’s better than a Horror Punk Splatter Massacre? The trio, consisting of guitarist/vocalist Nikky Casket, standup bassist and backing vocalist Bilo Von Gacy and drummer Steve Morbid have been toiling throughout the scene for a few years now, and I was thrilled to find out about the new single and jumped all over the chance to take a look at it.

“Bury You Alive” begins with a chanting of ‘Hey’s as leading into a psychobilly infused track which is highlighted by a catchy singalong chorus. I can very easily see this as a live staple, possibly an intro track as it just surpasses the two-minute mark. “My Sweet Elena” begins with a great bassline from Von Gacy which moves into the background smoothly to allow for Casket‘s vocals to anchor the song. While Horror Punk Splatter Massacre is only two tracks in length, 5¢ Freakshow pump as much as they can into them, and it will serve as a great little gift to tide listeners over until the band’s next release, which hopefully won’t be too far off.

You can grab your copy of Horror Punk Splatter Massacre as well as the band’s full catalogue at the 5¢ Freakshow Bandcamp page. And be sure to give the band a Like on their Official Facebook page.

Slaughter Party! The After Party

Formed a few years ago in Kenosha, Wisconsin, Slaughter Party! have been steadily releasing some solid output, and I recently had the chance to dig into their most recent studio release, which came out at the tail end of 2018. The three-piece band, consisting of Mr. Gallows on bass and vocals, Will on guitar and backing vocals, and Jared on drums as well as laser beams(!) have a bit of a different take on the genre, not going along with the masses of what many bands sound like these days, which serves them very well. Songs like “Buggin’ Out” and “Son Of Sam (The Ballad Of Big Davey B)” are the kind of songs you could throw on at a party and have a great time with.

The band intertwines the songs on the album with humorous skits, of which “Crusin’ For A Bruisin'” stands as the highlight, serving as the bridge between the previously mentioned “Son Of Sam” and the album closer “The Hitcher” which is another fun track which will have you laughing at the lyrics as you tap your foot along to the infectious beat. But the band is at their absolute best with “I’ll Let You Live….JK LOL” which is one of those tracks that you immediately add to your favorites playlist and will find yourself throwing on repeat frequently. The chants of ‘I’ll let you live’ bouncing off the backing vocal of ‘he’s a liar’ work so well with the almost doo-wop sound the song features.

You can grab your copy of The After Party as well as the rest of the band’s catalogue, including a recent live release at the Slaughter Party! Bandcamp page and make sure to give the band a Like on their Official Facebook page.

Stay tuned in the coming days for Chapter Seven of the Mass HyStereo feature!

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