Stereo Terror: Sematary Spawn – Music For Maniacs Vol. 2

Release Year

Track Listing
1) Necroplasmic Massacre
2) (I Just Wanna Be Like) Dear Old Daddy-O
3) Even Roger Corman Can’t Save You Now
4) We Walk The Ancient Earth
5) Blade Of Fury

Late last year I was thrilled to come across Sematary Spawn, a project from Hamilton-based artist Mike Trebilcock, and produced a Stereo Terror review of the project’s first release, the appropriately titled Music For Maniacs, Vol. 1. If you read the review (and you really should!) you know it was almost like a blast from the past with songs that were reminiscent of the horror movie themes from the 80s, and I mentioned anxiously anticipating Vol. 2! Well, the day has come, and Music For Maniacs, Vol. 2 is now available for everyone’s listening pleasure! So, how does it stack up to its predecessor?

The EP begins with “Necroplasmic Massacre” which is the theme for the film of the same name. Right away, you get that same feeling that came with Vol. 1 taking you back to those glorious days of awesome theme songs for your favorite horror flicks. The chorus is sure to get your feet tapping and head banging. As an added bonus, you can check out the video for the song by clicking here!

Moving onto “(I Just Wanna Be Like) Dear Old Daddy-O” things slow down a bit into a nice, almost relaxing groove. This is bounced off the grimy sounding vocals, which somehow compliment each other well. I almost feel like if the backing music had been faster and heavier it wouldn’t work in the slightest, but things come together well, with some solid guitar work tying it all together. In this case, the song serves as the theme for Wrestlemassacre . Up next is the amazingly titled “Even Roger Corman Can’t Save You Now” and as you can easily imagine, the song references many of the legendary filmmaker’s creations, all while serving as the theme song for the film Creature From Cannibal Creek. The song features vocals that are a little bit cleaner, and has an almost disco-like intro before the guitar comes into carry the rest of the tune.

“We Walk The Ancient Earth” follows, as the theme for Ouija Mummy and again slows down a bit, while featuring an incredibly catchy beat with clean vocals, leading into an amazing chorus that needs to be heard by as many people as possible! It almost caught me off guard the first time I heard it, and immediately pulled me in. The once again all too short EP comes to a close with “Blade Of Fury” as the theme for the upcoming film of the same name. The song begins with an electronic beat that evolves into yet another catchy 80’s sounding techno theme. It wraps up the EP nicely, and much like its predecessor, leaves you wanting more.

Once again Mike Trebilcock has shown why so many independent filmmakers are reaching out to him for themes to their films, and in a perfect world we can only hope that even more and more continue to do so, so that we can get Music For Maniacs Vol. 3 and beyond!

You can grab your copy of Music For Maniacs Vol. 2 and other Mike Trebilcock releases at the Official Mike Trebilcock Bandcamp page and be sure to Like the Official Sematary Spawn Facebook page to stay updated on all the latest goings on!

Killer Track
“Even Roger Corman Can’t Save You Now”

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