Psycho Billy’s Slaughterhouse: The Vankeys – Boring

Release Year

Track Listing
1) Dirty Boy
2) Boring
3) I Love You Baby
4) Hand In My Pocket
5) Boarding Call
6) They Say
7) Head Above Water
8) Chicken Noodles
9) 12:10 (Creeping In)
10) Like That
11) Love Me/Leave Me
12) Dead Horse
13) Good Morning
14) Ms. Jones
15) My Time Again

Up next in Psycho Billy’s Slaughterhouse: Boring by The Vankeys! The Vankeys hail from Townsville, Queenland, Australia and are made up with Michael Hegarty (guitar/vocals), Dean Gilboy (drums/vocals) and Shaun Butcher (double bass/vocals). Boring is their 15-track debut album which can be found on The Vankeys Bandcamp. Well let’s dig right in!

“Dirty Boy” is a great thumping opening track with a heavy intro, a bopping bassline and some fun, catchy lyrics. The production on this album is very solid; the basslines are very impressive, well written and come through the mix very nicely, however I am a fan of hearing more “click” or slap when it comes to the double bass (on first listen I thought the bass player was playing a bass guitar, as opposed to a double bass). The title track “Boring” was another fast-paced, guitar driven banger with a super catchy chorus. This one keeps me humming through the rest of my day after listening. “I Love You Baby” and “Hand In My Pocket” are a couple more groovy tracks that keep you singing along. The vocals on this release sound great throughout. “Boarding Call” is a fantastic track that seeps the So-Cal punk sound and is a very well written, catchy track.

If this release was 5 tracks long and ended here I would say that this is the perfect debut release by The Vankeys that blended old-school rock n’ roll with catchy So-Cal punk. However, from track 6 onward this album started to lose me. The songs seemed to branch off in a lot of different directions genre or style-wise, which some people really enjoy; however, I am not one of those people. I prefer a more cohesive release that almost feels like it tells a story from start to end. The second half of this album felt like they wanted to record and release all of the songs they had written (each experimenting with a different subgenre of rock). As much as I loved the first half of the album, Boring unfortunately felt like a good description from “Head Above Water” through the end of the album. The one exception for me was “Good Morning”, as a mark for Celtic Punk music I loved that track and I found that one on repeat.

In conclusion, Boring by The Vankeys is a well-produced release by very talented musicians. They have a lot of good ideas and are not afraid to experiment outside of the ‘billy sub-genres; I look forward to checking out their next release (especially if they focus in on a specific sound and trim some of the ‘fat’ on the next one). Be sure to go show them some love on their Official Facebook page at and check them out next time you’re down under!

Killer Track
“Boarding Call”

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