Stereo Terror: Bloodsucking Zombies From Outer Space – All These Fiendish Things

Release Year

Track Listing
1) Prelude
2) This Ain’t No Halloween Costume
3) Bela Kiss
4) Good Guy Rag Doll
5) Nice Day For An Exorcism
6) Janet Leigh
7) Night Flier
8) Sleepaway Camp ’95
9) Rebel Heart
10) Rock ‘n’ Roll Vampires
11) Don’t Answer The Phone
12) Hellucinations
13) God’s Own Mistake

Austria’s horrorbilly kings Bloodsucking Zombies From Outer Space (or BZFOS for short) have been kicking ass and taking names for well over a decade (hell, their ‘Greatest Hits’ album from a few years back was entitled Decade Of Decay). Now, after years of ruling in the underground scene, the band is poised to break through and bring horror to the masses with All These Fiendish Things! With some lineup changes that have enhanced the band and their setup, they are led by Dead ‘Richy’ Gein on vocals solely after years of performing drums and vocals, the band is rounded out by Mr. ‘Jim’ Evilize on guitar, Dejan Decay on double bass, Reverend ‘Bloodbath’ on guitar and keys, with Scary Germs taking over the drum duties. Besides the move to straight frontman for Gein, the band makes a calculated move to a more accessible sound with All These Fiendish Things, so how does it pay off?

“Prelude” is your typical musical intro track, that evolves into a child speaking with their parent about being afraid of All These Fiendish Things before segueing into “This Ain’t No Halloween Costume” which appropriately ties in a sample of Suicide from Return Of The Living Dead. As for the song itself? It’s a fast banger which serves as a wonderful intro to anyone who isn’t familiar with BZFOS from their past albums. A perfect blending of old and new, we move onto the album’s lead single, “Bela Kiss” about the lesser known Hungarian serial killer of the same name. Putting an incredible rhythm to such a demented story has become somewhat of a staple not only for the band but the entire genre, but few do it better than these guys.

Moving from a real serial killer to a fictional one, “Good Guy Rag Doll” serves as the band’s tribute to Charles Lee Ray, better known as Chucky from the Child’s Play series, and is built around a chorus sure to become a live staple. “Nice Day For An Exorcism” follows, and was one of the first singles released last year ahead of the album along with “Bela Kiss.” This is one of the songs that is a perfect example of the new style BZFOS, putting great hooks and insanely catchy tunes ahead of their psychobilly background. I’ve been rocking this song on all of my playlists since its release last year, and still haven’t tired of it. “Janet Leigh” is a song about, well, Janet Leigh. Much like “Linda Blair” from the band’s 2014 release Toxic Terror Trax it is a great tribute about falling in love with our screen idols, while working in the titular actor’s most famous role in Psycho. You can tell this was one of the earlier tracks written in the process of this album, as it has much more of the band’s old style but still fits into the album well.

Out of nowhere comes the synth-based “Night Flier” to rise up and above the rest of the album as an instant classic. Seriously, the first time I played this song, I thought I was listening to the Stranger Things theme song before Gein‘s vocals come in. A cool feeling engulfs the track, and while it may not be an exact retelling of the great film based on the Stephen King story, I’m still looking at it as such and it’s great in that regard, plus it is a new style of song for the band, showing they have range and can do damned near anything when they put their talents to it.

From that point, the album can falter a bit, with songs like “Rebel Heart” and “Hellucinations” being highlights of the second half of the album, as well as the ballad-esque “God’s Own Mistake” which is another one that is both beautiful and engaging. It is a great example of Gein‘s vocal stylings and shows further range for the band. I’d be remiss if I didn’t speak on the talents of the rest of the band as well, as they all pull more than their own weight throughout all 13 tracks.

All These Fiendish Things is the type of album that many will look back at in a few years time as BZFOS breaks through further, as a career-defining moment. I’ve been a fan of the band for a good 8 or 9 years now, and this has immediately cemented itself as my favorite album. Whether you are a fan of psycho or horrorbilly music, or like me and are very particular with the genre, this is one you absolutely must check out! Possibly the first great album of 2019, and one that will be in contention at the end of the year for album of the year, you cannot afford to miss All These Fiendish Things!

All These Fiendish Things is available on all major music sites like iTunes and Spotify, and you can grab a copy at the band’s Official Website and be sure to give the band a Like on their Official Facebook page to stay up to date on their current tour dates and other news!

Killer Track
“Night Flier”

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