Deadhouse Exclusive: SHOCK STOCK 2019 Preview Part One!

SHOCK STOCK is something I have covered in the past here on The Deadhouse, and nothing will change in that regard going forward. And as the 2019 event approaches, you can be damned sure that attendees, including yours truly, are in for another weekend of horror, fun and debauchery! This year will be the third entry of the event since moving from Centennial Hall here in beautiful London, Ontario to the Ramada Inn, where patrons can stay, sleep, and more importantly, party amongst each other and this year’s stellar lineup of guests. And today we will be taking a look at who those guests are!

The Legendary Drive In Movie Critic, Joe Bob Briggs, is making a trek North of the border to serve up a Southern-Sized helping of sleaze and cheese! As one of our most requested guests, we are super-duper psyched to have the man himself for the entire weekend. Stay tuned to the next installment of this 2-part preview for details on a special film screening hosted by the man himself in the traditional Joe Bob style!

The most talked about horror film in recent history, TERRIFIER, is still polarizing and shocking fans around the world. In what seems to be a New York minute, the now iconic Art The Clown can be seen all over peoples social media posts, fan art, and gory memes. The character is an instant classic.

The man under the make-up, David Howard Thornton, is making his second Canadian convention appearance at SHOCK STOCK 2019 and can’t wait to scare the living shit out of all his Canadian victims/fans for an unforgettable weekend!

The man behind TERRIFIER, director Damien Leone, will be joining his creation Art The Clown SHOCK STOCK 2019! Damien has been working for over a decade in the horror industry, crafting his creatures with makeup effects as well as writing and directing credits on his features.

Damien will be sharing his insight and his craft with fans on Saturday April 27th for the Forest City Film Festival’s Industry Workshop. Fans can see actor David Howard Thornton transformed at the hands of Damien into Art while he tells stories of behind the scenes and offers some do’s and don’ts about how the makeup transcends to the screen and beyond.

Also, don’t forget to book your photo op right here with David and Damien, with David in Full Costume! It will be an experience that will forever haunt you in your nightmares!

The “Sexy Sax Man” himself, Tim Cappello, has been one of the most requested guests we’ve ever had! And now he’s coming down to jam with the fans for three days of thrills at SHOCK STOCK 2019! Photo Ops Available to book now right here!

‘I Still Believe’ Tim will want to perform a song on Saturday night at the afterparty, so make sure you get a hotel room to make sure you don’t miss the performance and party of the year!

She’s gone toe to toe with hoards of radioactive Zombies and stood tall against the most advanced killer mall robots. Now, superstar Kelli Maroney faces her most intense weekend yet – the SHOCK STOCK WEEKEND!

Kelli has been on our radar since year one and we’re super pleased to be bringing an icon like her down to the show to see her fans. Kelli will be in attendance all 3 days and you can book your photo op right here!

I don’t really want to get into details… but the SHOCK STOCK goons owe a lot of money to Sleazy P. Martini, and he’s decided it’s time to come collect.

This extraordinarily handsome man has been “managing finances” for the scumdogs of the universe, GWAR, and now he wants to manage your finances too! Sleazy P. will be at the event all weekend long and you can book your photo op right here!

Multiple AVN award winner and SHOCK STOCK fan favourite Kleio Valentien has been a busy gal since last visiting us in 2016, and she can’t wait to get up here and party once again! We always love it when guests come back to see the fans, so let’s all give her a warm welcome!

And also, remember to bring your swimsuits cause the Ramada has a very refreshing pool in case Kleio makes you too hot and you need a dippity doo to cool yourself down after that photo op you’ve booked right here!

It just ain’t a proper SHOCK STOCK weekend without our dear Felissa Rose. Since she had to miss out last year due to a shooting schedule, she’s EXTRA pumped to get down with the greatest fans in the world – YOU!

Felissa is always on the go, being involved in over a dozen projects with many more in the can waiting to be released, you can always be sure Felissa has lots of gory details to share on what’s next for horror’s queen of the screams and make sure you get your photo op booked right here!

“Putrid” Matt Carr is an American freelance illustrator since 2003. Starting out drawing skateboard graphics and T-shirts for Anti-Hero, Consolidated, Black Tooth and Creature, Putrid cut his craft and eventually moved on to do art for horror/gore Death Metal bands. His work has been featured in magazines and books, working with the newly relaunched DEEP RED Magazine amongst others.

Fellow tapeheads may recognize that Matt was also featured in the VHS collector documentary ADJUST YOUR TRACKING.

The one and only Bill Zebub is making his triumphant return to SHOCK STOCK 2019! One of the most beloved guests of all time, Bill is the kind of filmmaker that creates one of a kind movies. Whether you love or hate his work, there’s no denying that his films are in a class of their own.

We at SHOCK STOCK LOVE Bill‘s movies, and we’re extremely happy to have the Canadian Premiere of his new film, CLOWNA NOSTRA, at the event. Joining Bill will be one of the stars of the film, actor Brian Ogle.

I don’t think any SHOCK STOCK would be complete without the addition of these handsome bastards! Orbax and Pepper, the MONSTERS OF SCHLOCK, are our wonderful hosts for the annual CRYSTAL SHOCKER AWARDS taking place this year on Friday, April 26th. It’s always one of the highlights of the weekend.

There you have the incredible lineup for SHOCK STOCK 2019 and stay tuned for Part Two of our preview where we will look at some of the events and sessions going down at this year’s show, plus some comments from the guys behind the madness that is SHOCK STOCK!

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