Splatter Panels: The Walking Dead #190 – Storm The Gates

Robert Kirkman

Charlie Adlard
Stefano Gaudiano
Cliff Rathburn

The Story So Far
Really? If you’re here for a review of Issue 190, you likely know much of what has led to this point, especially for something as iconic as The Walking Dead. That said, lately Rick has been a guest at the Commonwealth, an idyllic city run by a new (seemingly) less evil Governor. Michonne is also here and has been happily reunited with one of her daughters. However, tensions have been brewing between in the Commonwealth, led by the head of the security mercenaries Mercer. Mercer was imprisoned but has been freed by an explosion caused by Laura after Dwight was shot and killed by Rick of all people. Rick led the charge to help Governor Milton escape, and when Mercer realizes his rebellion isn’t as well received as he hopes, he pleads to Rick to help him lead.

Issue 190 begins with Mercer and Rick discussing the idea of him taking over as the leader of the Commonwealth while Eugene and Stephanie return to the city only to realize they have led a gigantic herd of walkers back with them. The bulk of the issue features the group taking refuge from this herd while Rick reunites with Carl (yes, he is still alive in the comics) who was part of a group sent by Maggie to check on Rick and what exactly has been happening in the Commonwealth. But after she dispatched the group, Maggie had a change of heart and decided to bring an army with her as she feared what may have been happening. Thankfully her group can lead the herd away, all while Governor Milton returns to lead her people through the hectic mess that has gone down.

This all leads to Milton believing that Rick has been in cahoots with Mercer and had Maggie and her people come to back him up in order to take over the entire commonwealth, with the issue ending with her declaring war and an attack on Rick and his people.

As always, the art by Adlard, Gaudiano and Rathburn is on point and fitting in with the style established over the past 189 issues. The overarching story by series creator Robert Kirkman is hard to judge based on this issue alone, as it could go any number of ways dependent on what happens in the future issues. The differences in philosophy between Rick Grimes and Governor Milton are sure to have an impact on what is to come, as Rick is a man of the people and wants everyone to work together while Milton is an elitist who wants more of a ‘class system.’ The content is obviously a riff on what is happening in the real world so it will be interesting to see where things go, but until Issue 191 hits next month, we are left to wonder.

Next time in The Walking Dead, the War For The Commonwealth commences!

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