Mass HyStereo Chapter Eight

Greetings fiends and ghouls, and welcome back to another edition of Mass HyStereo where we take a look at a few different albums in more of a rapid fire fashion, so without further ado, let’s get to it!

Ghoulgasm ā€“ Apparitions Of The Past

A new four-piece band blasting out of Tennessee, Ghoulgasm have thrown together a four-track debut that makes an immediate impact in the horror music scene. The all too short EP begins with “Don’t Open/Dead Inside” which serves as a killer opener, with a raging burst of energy and ‘whoa’s’ following a brief opener, and then gives you exactly what it says in the title lyrically. The title track follows and is a more accurate representation of what the band offers. Beginning with a solid bass line, leading into the rest of the band joining a solidly catchy song that is a great example of the band’s mission statement of mixing horrorpunk, deathrock and doo wop. “All Hallows Eve” is the shortest track on the album at only 1 minute and 50 seconds in length, but blends the style of the opening track with “Apparitions Of The Past” and even gifts the listener with a bit of Danzig-style vocals during the chorus. “Dead Is Dead” serves as the longest cut on the album and stylistically reminded me a lot of the Blitzkid classic “Teenage Necrophilian Love” mixing in a doo-wop sound, with spoken lyrics leading into the chorus, then back again. Sure to be a favorite of fans of the genre, the band undoubtedly have something with their blending of styles.

While Apparitions Of The Past is only 11 minutes in length, it shows a lot of promise for a young upstart band, and if they continue along this path, Ghoulgasm is certain to be a band to watch. You can grab your copy of Apparitions Of The Past at the Ghoulgasm BigCartel page and make sure you give the band a Like on their Facebook page to stay updated!

Killer Track
“Dead Is Dead”

The Scabby Ghouls ā€“ The Scabby Ghouls

Omaha, Nebraska doesn’t exactly scream horror when you hear it, but that is the birthplace of new four-piece spooky punk band The Scabby Ghouls. If you ever wondered what it would sound like if 45 Grave and The Cramps had a love child, it would most likely sound like The Scabby Ghouls! With 7 tracks wrapped up in a 20-minute package, the band hits on many topics throughout. Whether it be introducing themselves in the title track, “Body Surfin'” or an attack from “Midwest Zombies” there is a little something for everyone contained within. “Black Dahlia Bombshell” may start slow with a great bass line, but really picks up by a minute in and will have you bobbin’ your head right along with it. The dueling vocals from Denise and Louie Hazard really help this one stand out. “Dreaddy Krueger” is a fun bouncy track leading into “Road Ragin'” which is one that anyone who has ever stepped behind the wheel of a vehicle will relate to. Finally the album closes with “Knife Fight” which is a relentlessly fast near three minutes to close out the album in style.

The Scabby Ghouls may be new to the scene, but with their seamless blending of horrorpunk and surf rock, they are sure to be around for a while and will easily be able to build up a fan base in a scene that loves both of those genres on their own, let alone when they are combined this well. You can grab your copy of The Scabby Ghouls
at The Scabby Ghouls Bandcamp page and be sure to give the band a Like on their Official Facebook page!

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