Psycho Billy’s Slaughterhouse: Teenage Exorcist – Year Of The Witch


Release Date
February 11, 2019

Track Listing
1) Haunt Me
2) Down With The Ship
3) Soul Coffin
4) Hollywood Ramble On
5) Year Of The Witch

Out of the swamps of Minneapolis, Minnesota comes Teenage Exorcist! Consisting of Matt Sprinkles (Guitar/vocals), Chris Wilson (Drums), Adam Boatright (Upright bass/vocals), and Matt Kalsnes (Guitar), these gents have released a brand spankin’ new EP titled Year of the Witch which is sure to make their psychobilly compatriots both very proud… and envious! There is a ton of musical talent and creative writing in this 5-track banger.

“Haunt Me” is a fun, upbeat opening track that really catches your attention with the walking-yet-clicky bassline and witty lyrics. The only thing this track is missing is some Misfit-esque ‘Wayyyy Ohhhs’ in the chorus. “Down With The Ship” is probably my favourite track on the EP; it kicks things off with a great guitar lead and the thumping rhythm section keeps you tapping along throughout the track. I am not usually a fan of post-song sound effects, BUT I really like the outro on this one with the celtic instrument playing this one out following the heavy outro. “Soul Coffin” is another ripper; it’s a very busy track with lots going on but some bands can pull that off, and these guys definitely can. “Hollywood Ramble On” is another fun song full of catchy lyrics and a walking upright bass.  This EP closes on the title track, and “Year of the Witch” sure is a beauty! This song encapsulates this release perfectly.

Teenage Exorcist is a fun, clever band of very talented musicians. Year of the Witch is a fantastic release, and I am very excited to hear what comes next from this promising psychobilly band. Be sure to pick up a copy of this EP on Bandcamp at the Teenage Exorcist Bandcamp page  and go give them a thumbs up on their Official Facebook page.

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