Stereo Terror: Amsedel – Afterlife Of The Party

Release Year

Track Listing
1) Join Us
2) Burn To Flames
3) Light On The Other Side
4) Buried Alive
5) Robbing The Grave
6) Afterlife Of The Party

Amsedel are a relatively new band hailing out of Chicago, Illinois who are working to make a print in the horrorpunk scene, and with Afterlife Of The Party, there is a good chance they have a damned good future ahead of them. Fronted by lead guitarist, keyboardist and vocalist Cristina Von Alva, it’s always refreshing to hear female fronted horrorpunk that doesn’t lean into the psychobilly genre (think more Black Cat Attack as opposed to Kitty In A Casket). The band is rounded out by Kreature on bass and vocals and Kryss Kreaper, who is credited incredibly with guitars, vocals, drum programming and keyboard in addition to being the audio engineer. The album begins with “Join Us” which serves as an eerie introduction but doesn’t give too much of what the band sounds like. That comes with “Burn To Flames” which gives more of that eerie feeling, blended with some solid musicianship and Von Alva‘s mesmerizing vocal style. This becomes even more evident on “Light On The Other Side” which will immediately become a favorite of many I’m sure.

“Buried Alive” comes roaring through next and gives you a much heavier side of the band, without sacrificing melody. The vocals are harsh and brutal for much of the song but come over a great driving riff that holds everything together. When things change up at the two-minute mark giving the ‘final fuck you’ as a listener you’re damned near guaranteed to be enthralled with the band. “Robbing The Grave” moves back towards the clean vocals and more melodic sound, while describing planning a murder of a significant other. It doesn’t hit as hard as the other tracks yet is still a good way to start bringing the all-too-short album to a close. The album closes with the title track, which also serves as the “Freebird” of the album clocking in at roughly six and a half minutes. This gives the band a lot of time to showcase their musicianship and it is another strong track to close to the album with.

Afterlife Of The Party is one hell of an album, and while technically it isn’t the band’s debut, many will likely discover the band for the first time through this album. With the insane amount of talent shown on this album, it’s safe to say that the Chicago area, and the world as a whole, will be seeing a lot of interesting things in the future from Amsedel, and I for one can’t wait to see what comes next for the group.

You can grab your copy of Afterlife Of The Party at the Official Amsedel BandCamp page as well as their other works, and be sure to give the band a Like on their Official Facebook pageto stay updated on the band and their future!

Killer Track
“Light On The Other Side”

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