Psycho Billy’s Slaughterhouse: The Brainiax – Rock N’ Roll Lobotomy

Release Year

Track Listing
1) Brainiax Boogie
2) No Way
3) Cape Fear
4) Straight Jacket Stomp
5) The Bastard Sun
6) Devil Doll
7) Galactic Mystery
8) Hideous Horrific
9) The House On The Hill
10) Cold Blue Baby

Creeping out of the Batcave, Rock N’ Roll Lobotomy by The Brainiax might be running away with Psychobilly album of the year! From the opening riff through to the last chord ring out this album had me HOOKED from start to finish with its clicky upright bass and surf-inspired riffage. These katz are new to the scene; forming in 2017 in Portland, Oregon when “Awful Olli” Collin Gerber (upright bass/vocals) and “Andy Hell” Andrew Hoover (guitar) joined forces with “Grody” Cody Lamb (drums) to ignite this Psychobilly powerhouse. Dusty and Rene of Batcave Records noticed the immense talent of this trio, adding them to their label with Rene mixing and mastering these 10 tracks of awesomeness!

“Brainiax Boogie” is a killer opener that gets your blood flowing with its bouncy guitar and driving clickage (which I am not always a fan of, but really fits very nicely for these guys). Collin is a master of keeping a solid melody going with his slap technique. “No Way” is the first track that gave a Dead Kennedys-meets-Psychobilly vibe which I think is a perfect description of The Brainiax‘s style. Throughout this album you will notice fun, clever lyrics delivered over aggressively fitting instrumentals. “Cape Fear”, “Straight Jacket Stomp” and “The Bastard Sun” are classic psycho-stompers that fuse a western-vibe with punk rock aggression (which is what we’re all looking for, right?).

“Devil Doll” is an old school rock’ n roll meets psychobilly stomper, but “Galactic Mystery” takes things to a ‘whole notha levo’ in surf-fused psychobilly; this song is the stand out track for me highlighting the talent of all 3 members (including a gnarly slap bass solo from Awful Olli). “Hideous Horrific” is another fun track that gives you everything you’ve come to expect from The Brainiax, “The House On The Hill” is an interesting track with a doomy-intro; very cool and demonstrates the dynamics of this trio. “Cold Blue Baby” is another cool tune that rounds out The Brainiax experience nicely.

I cannot say enough good things about this band or this debut album. Batcave Records really found themselves one hell of a Psychobilly band to get behind and I will be licking my lips in anticipation of their next release. Do yourself a favour and pick up Rock N’ Roll Lobotomy at Batcave Records, and follow them on Facebook as well as Instagram.

Killer Track
“Galactic Mystery”

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