DeadTube: Hembree & The Satan Sisters Ask “Who’s Laughin’ Now”

The Deadhouse: What was the inspiration behind the song itself?

Hembree: “Who’s Laughing Now?” was actually the first song that I wrote for the band. It pretty much set the template for the overall vibe the band would embrace.The inspiration for the song is beyond me and I honestly can’t recall. It’s just good old fashioned anger.

The Deadhouse: Who put together the idea for the video?

Hembree: I came up with basic idea for this video over 10 years ago for the band I was in at the time. Clayton was always the guy I wanted in it. But the original concept was quite a bit different and not as cohesive as the video that we made. Clayton, myself and Ralph from Rusty Knuckles together fleshed it all out just an hour or so before the shoot! We honestly came up with a lot of it as we went. As the old school wrestlers used to say “we called it in the ring!”

Clayton: Ralph of Rusty Knuckles had a very basic structure in mind. I think he was under the assumption that I had an idea, I though Ralph had it and we both though Zach might. But when we got there we kinda made up the scenario on the spot. Ralph’s compound had plenty of great stuff lying around so we made do with what we could find. It was a lot of fun!

The Deadhouse: How was the production of the video?

Clayton: Production was pretty much like “hang on here we go!!!” I think we got some good shots. The editing was excellent.

The Deadhouse: What can fans expect from the full F.Y.F.album?

Hembree: Folks can expect a very hostile, stripped down, hateful, yet extremely catchy record. This is the album I have wanted to make for a long time and for once I am free to say whatever the fuck I want. Some bands I have been in have gotten pretty gun shy about my ideas, but with HSS I have free reign to say anything.And my band mates, Ash, Charlie, and Parker fully support it . I’ll put it this way: There ain’t nothing nice being said on the record. It will ruffle some feathers, the band already has ruffled quite a few in the year that we have been active. I think that is a positive thing. Love it or hate it, if you hear the record you will never forget it. It’s called “F.Y.F” for a reason, I’m sure even the dumbest fucks on the planet can figure out what it stands for.

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